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MAFS UK: Paul Brunson Praised For Speech On Toxic Masculinity

MAFS UK: Paul Brunson Praised For Speech On Toxic Masculinity

Paul spoke to Morag about the true meaning of toxic masculinity.

If you've been as glued to Married at First Sight as we have, you'll know that Morag Crichton got a bit of a talking to from matchmaker Paul Brunson last week, over a comment she made to husband Luke Dawson on their honeymoon.

Sitting down to discuss their marriage during the first commitment ceremony, the experts honed in on one moment, in which Morag told Luke he wasn't 'manly enough' for her.

You can watch a clip below:

"I sorted out a candle lit dinner and I manned up because she basically said I wasn't man enough for her," admitted Luke.

"So you're telling me that Morag said you're not man enough?" Asked Paul.

"There could be some confusion around what masculinity actually is. I think you're thinking of toxic masculinity - the rough, tough, 'I don't show emotion'. That's not being a man.

"What being a man is is exactly what I see Luke do all the time; he's loyal, what he says, he does, he acts on his words, this is what real men do."

Paul explained toxic masculinity to Morag (

Speaking exclusively to Tyla, Paul explained how important it is to call out toxic masculinity.

"The idea that men need to act tough and avoid showing emotions can be harmful to our mental health and can have serious consequences for society," says Paul.

"For this reason, I believe we should call out toxic masculinity whenever we witness it. This is exactly what I did.

"I’m proud Morag received my message, Luke felt affirmed, and the millions of Married At First Sight viewers see that while the show is entertaining, it also comes with important life lessons."


And viewers can't stop praising Paul, with many saying he was 'spot on' in his explanation.

One wrote: "Morag and Luke’s chat to the experts... Paul is great for telling Morag about toxic masculinity."

While another said: "I completely respect how you laid out the clear difference between masculinity and toxic masculinity. It’s a conversation that is desperately needed for young men in today’s society so thank you."

And a third tweeted: "@PaulCBrunson speaking nothing but facts on the topic of masculinity. King behaviour!"

Another tagged Paul and added: "The way you described real masculinity to Morag and Luke was spot on."

"Well said @PaulCBrunson about masculinity. Real men are kind and loyal and treat women well," said a fifth.

The expert was praised for his explanation (

Bravo Paul! We can't wait to see what's in store this week.

MAFS UK continues Monday-Thursday at 9pm on E4.

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