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Bizarre Story Of What Actually Happened To Von Dutch

Bizarre Story Of What Actually Happened To Von Dutch

This is seriously dark.

In its heyday, Von Dutch was worn by the hottest celebrities all over the planet. The brand was diverse - rap royalty, teen pop sensations, film stars and reality stars were all united in their love of the label. Then... it disappeared.

The rise-and-fall of Von Dutch isn't very well publicised, but that doesn't mean the story behind it is any less exciting.

Von Dutch embarked on a race to the bottom, taking a murder case down with it. The Hulu docuseries - fronted by the ever-iconic Paris Hilton - is due to drop on the 18th November.

You can watch the trailer below:

Paris, 40, kicked off the two-minute long trailer with a blast from the past. "Von Dutch was iconic for Y2K fashion," she said. "Trucker caps, jeans, jackets... that was like, our uniform."

The Von Dutch trucker cap was sported by everyone from Jay-Z to Jodie Marsh in its prime. Judging by the trailer, the doc looks set to finally tell the unheard story of how the apparel brand finally went down.

Former basketball player and Y2K legend Dennis Rodman also appears in the series. "Everybody on the planet had Von Dutch," he said in the clip.

Paris Hilton stars in Von Dutch documentary. [

Inside sources can be heard saying that 'money was rolling in' for the company during the 2000s, with figures 'north of a billion'. Senior company members started 'hanging out with Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee', being invited to parties with Paris Hilton and country-hopping in 'private jets'.

The glamorous world of running a fashion label seemingly came crashing down overnight. "The difficulty is, one of the co-founders was charged with first-degree murder," an interviewee stated.

One of these men allegedly founded Von Dutch... but who? [

This wasn't the only part that had viewers on the edge of their seat. Three interviewees - Ed Boswell, Bobby Vaughn and Michael Cassell each claim to have founded Von Dutch.

'Money laundering', 'fist-fights' and murder-for-hires were allegedly all part-and-parcel of running the fashion company. The interviewer can be heard asking the 'founders' - "did you ever have someone killed?"

Hulu named the documentary 'the shocking true story behind the brand everyone killed for'. This looks like a must-watch!

Dennis Rodman also stars in the doc. [

The Curse Of Von Dutch: A Brand To Die For will be available to stream on 18th November.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Hulu

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