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Netflix Drops New Trailer For Outer Banks Season 2

Netflix Drops New Trailer For Outer Banks Season 2

Fans get to see more of John B and Sarah in the Bahamas as they search for the missing gold.

The Pogues are back. Netflix dropped the full length trailer for Outer Banks season 2, and it looks the fans are in for another wild adventure.

Watch the trailer below:

Netflix released a teaser trailer last month which showed the remaining Pogues mourning the deaths of John B and Sarah, after the pair tried to escape the police on a boat during a terrifying storm.

Little do they know, both John B and Sarah survived and managed to catch a ship on voyage to Nassau in the Bahamas to retrieve the gold from Sarah's evil dad Ward Cameron.

The teen drama focuses on best friends known as the 'Pogues' who live on the Outer Banks - a beach holiday destination in North Carolina.

JJ, Pope and Kiara make it their mission to find the gold (

At the end of the first season, John B was framed for the fatal shooting Sheriff Peterkin. The actual culprit was Sarah’s spoiled older brother Rafe, who killed the Sheriff in cold blood as she arrested his father for murdering John B’s dad.

The second season will follow John B as he tries to clear his name as Pope, Kiara and JJ set out to find the gold themselves to avenge the loss of their beloved mates. 

Through all the high octane car chases, explosions and old school treasure hunting, John B and Sarah will eventually be reunited with their friends back home as Rafe continues heading down a dark, criminal path.

John B wants to prove his innocence (

The first season premiered during lockdown in April last year and quickly grew a dedicated fanbase. In May, as more fans called for a second season, co-creator Jonas Pate announced that Netflix had ordered another instalment.

Speaking to Entertainment WeeklyJonas explained the streaming platform had given the green light for a Season 2 even before Season 1 was released.

Outer Banks season 2 premieres 30th July on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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