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Love Island Fans Divided By Chloe’s Gesture At The NTAs

Love Island Fans Divided By Chloe’s Gesture At The NTAs

Following Chloe and Toby's hilarious gesture at the NTAs, fans are divided as to her motives.

The National Television Awards (NTAs) last night saw a whole host of Love Islanders attending as the ITV2 dating show was up for a gong in the Best Challenge category.

Contestants from previous years as well as contestants from this year's show were there, rocking the red carpet with their glam looks, and showing off how great their newly found partners were.

Watch the video below.

In a video posted to fashion retailer Boohoo's Twiter account, Faye Winter pans the camera around to say hello to fellow islanders Teddy Soares, Millie Court, Liam Reardon, and Chloe Burrows and Toby Amolaran.

When Faye reaches Chloe and Toby, she jokes: "There they are, the p****s of the series," while Chloe makes a crude gesture with her tongue and hands, imitating oral sex.

Though Chloe and Toby are considered to be fan-favourites, the action has caused a bit of a stir as people are calling out her 'forced' immaturity.

Chloe and Toby were branded 'immature' by fans (

One person quote tweeted the video to say: "Chloe has been forcing this funny/immature thing since they got out of the villa and now I'm over it."

Commenting underneath Boohoo's tweet, one person wrote: "Not the place Chloe. I love her but no that's too x-rated for where she is."

Another person said, "What is Chloe doing please? Second hand embarrassment."

A third said: "She does too much sometimes," while a fourth sarcastically commented, "Very classy Chloe."

Chloe and Toby have quickly become villa favourites (

Though the general consensus was that Chloe was maybe in the wrong setting for such a gesture, many were also saying that we should #BeKind and, as she is a fan-favourite and is known for her fun antics, so this gesture was not "out of place" for her personality.

Chloe and Toby came second place in this year's series of Love Island, after going through many ups-and-downs involving Toby's wandering eye. But, eventually, they found their way back to each other with Toby asking Chloe to be his girlfriend during the Love Island finale.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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