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Single All The Way: Netflix Drops New 'Heartwarming' Christmas Film

Single All The Way: Netflix Drops New 'Heartwarming' Christmas Film

Single All The Way has just dropped on Netflix.

Single All The Way is the latest Christmas rom-com to drop on Netflix and it's set to be a hit.

Michael Urie plays Peter, whose family is desperate to get him in a relationship. He therefore asks his best friend Nick to pretend his boyfriend when he goes home for Christmas, but things get complicated when Peter's family tries to set him up and feelings start to come to the surface.

Watch the trailer below:

Firstly, Jennifer Coolidge seems iconic in this.

Secondly, people have already ticked it off their watchlist and are completely obsessed with it.

One person took to Twitter: "Netflix's first gay holiday romccom. Such a heartwarming and cheesy delight movie! 🏳️‍🌈🎄💕".

A viewer also appreciated the tone of the film: "Single All the Way was so perfect. A soft gay romance story where there isn't tragedy Highly recommend 🥺".

Peter and Nick plan to fake a relationship to get Peter's family off his back (

The movie had even instantly made it into someone's top three: "Guess I found my second fave Christmas movie... It's Single All The Way on Netflix. 🎄💕".

Another Twitter user cooed: "Single all the way on Netflix is such a cute ass movie 😭❤️❤️ if you love love and Christmas GO WATCH!"

"I’m going to binge this over and over again and I’ll probably cry over and over again as well", someone else confessed.

One viewer declared: "I loved single all the way on Netflix ugh a win for the gays".

Hilarious drama starts to ensue when Peter's family try to set him up with someone (

"SINGLE ALL THE WAY arrives on Netflix tonight at midnight PT, and it is truly as delightful as you would expect. It’s funny and corny like all holiday rom-coms, and the three leading men are incredibly charming and endearing. Jennifer Coolidge also understood the assignment. 🎄🎁", tweeted another fan.

There was also a viewer who had been impressed with the calibre of Netflix festive films this year: "Is it just me, or is Netflix's crop of Christmas romances unusually strong this year??? Love Hard I could take or leave, but The Princess Switch 3 is beautifully bonkers, and A Castle For Christmas and Single All The Way are both just so incredibly delightful. #christmance".

We can't wait to watch this and get in the festive mood!

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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