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Netflix Clickbait: Fans Are All Saying The Same Thing About Pia

Netflix Clickbait: Fans Are All Saying The Same Thing About Pia

Yeah, we’re not going to be asking for this look at the salon.

Clickbait is our latest Netflix obsession, with the crime drama exploring the abduction of family man Nick Brewer having a sinister online twist.

But while we accept we are entirely hooked on the series, it’s not just the plot we’re all talking about.

Watch the trailer below.

Yep, we’re similarly obsessed with Pia Brewer’s hair – for all the wrong reasons.

Yep, party girl Pia – whose ‘poor me’ attitude irritated some viewers, was a distinctive character on screen, thanks to her blunt blonde bob with full fringe.

Pia's harsh haircut has got people talking (

The brassy yellow tone of her hair was only made more distinctive thanks to Pia’s thick, black eyebrows – the natural hair colour of the actor who played Pia, Zoe Kazan.

Australian publication Junkee has claimed that Zoe dyed her naturally dark locks blonde for the role, rather than wearing a wig (a commitment to the role that we would have never agreed to).

But others weren’t convinced – and whether it’s a wig or not, the haircut has been universally derided by viewers on Twitter.

People drew comparisons to Sia (

Many believed the haircut maid Pia look more like…Sia, an Australian singer with almost exactly the same ‘do.

“Pia walking around looking like Sia,” one person astutely observed, while a second said: “The writers of #clickbaitnetflix probably: Let’s make this character look just like Sia and we’ll name her…Pia.”

Others drew comparisons between Pia and Helga from beloved children’s series Hey Arnold.

Others said Pia looked like Helga from Hey Arnold (

“Pia’s hair got her looking like Helga,” one person wrote, while a second just shared a picture of Helga and said: “Pia in every other scene.”

But for the most part, people recognised Pia’s hair to just be mostly bad/iconic in its own right.

“Just finished [Clickbait]. Great show. Except the sister’s haircut,” said one person. “It looks like the type of haircut a woman would give herself because of Covid lockdown.”

The haircut was universally hated (

“Pia’s hairstyle deserves to be listed in the end credits,” added a second, while a third added: “Pia's hair is very distracting. But otherwise I'm addicted to this story.”

We bet Zoe Kazan was thrilled to be able to revert back to her usual slick and stylist black hairdo. 

Clickbait is available to stream on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix/Viacom

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