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Netflix Clickbait: Fans Are Mind-Blown By Plot Twist

Netflix Clickbait: Fans Are Mind-Blown By Plot Twist

Netflix' mind-blowing series Clickbait has plot twist after plot twist that has thrown fans for a loop.

Netflix's limited series Clickbait has taken fans by storm since it aired last month, with fans eagerly binge-watching the show to find out what happened to Nick Brewer (Adrian Grenier) and whether he really is a family man or a murderer deserving of vigilante justice.

If you've watched Clickbait, you'll know that the show is full of monumental twists and turns – just when you think you've figured it out, something else is revealed that blows your mind.

If you haven't watched Clickbait, then you should go watch it all now before reading on because there will be spoilers ahead.

Nick is kidnapped by an unknown perpetrator. (

The reveal of Nick's murderer at the end of the series was truly a shock; it turns out a little old lady is the one behind this whole thing. Who could even conceive of this twist?

Clickbait follows the family of Nick Brewer trying to figure out what happened to him and whether his kidnapper's accusation that he is an abuser and murderer is true. As Nick's sister Pia (Zoe Kazan) attempts to investigate, they find out that Nick had been using dating apps to talk to and meet other women. Though this is a twist in itself, we then find out none of the women Nick spoke to actually met him, and the voice they heard was not him - mind-blowing, right?

So, someone is catfishing women as Nick, but why and how did they get such personal details and information about him?

Pia's harsh haircut has got people talking (

This leads Pia to a woman named Sarah Burton, who died by suicide after talking to 'Nick', and her distraught brother who is definitely hiding something. In a flashback, we learn that Simon Burton kidnapped Nick because he blamed him for Sarah's death, but Nick is adamant that he did not say anything to Sarah. Though the police believe Simon killed Nick, he actually let him go because Nick believes he knows who impersonated him.

At this point, the show is suggesting that Nick's best friend Matt is responsible because there's no one else who could know. Or so we think, until it's revealed that Dawn, a woman who works with Nick is responsible for the catfishing and his death -because she felt lonely and then didn't want to get caught.

Nick's wife is distraught by news that he may have spoken to other women. (

Clickbait is a rollercoaster and fans were entirely convinced that they had figured out at every turn only to find out at the end of each episode that a new detail meant someone completely different had to be responsible.

One person tweeted: "Oh my God so that's the killer. I cannot. I really thought I had it figured out."

Another said: "Me solving the crime in every episode of Clickbait and then getting to the end having not guessed it right once. Well played Netflix."

A third joked, "Nev and Max would never have seen that damn Catfish coming the whole time," referring to MTV's popular reality show Catfish.

MTV's Catfish aims to help people in online relationships. (

Many fans felt smug towards the end of episode seven, entirely believing that Matt was the killer and some believed they had even 'called it' early on. But the final plot twist really threw us all for a loop.

Though there are no details about whether Netflix will keep the show to its limited run or perhaps pick a new story to look into if they renew it for an anthology-style series like American Crime Story, fans are clearly impressed by the writers ingenuity.

Clickbait is available to stream on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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