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Cheer Season 2 Returns To Netflix On Wednesday 12th January

Cheer Season 2 Returns To Netflix On Wednesday 12th January

We are HYPED!

Fans of Netflix series Cheer will be thrilled to hear that season 2 is officially set to arrive on our TV screens on Wednesday, 12th January!

First airing back in 2020, the documentary series followed the cheer teams at Navarro College, Texas, and their seriously tough head coach Monica Aldama.

The show was a smash-hit worldwide, even earning an Emmy Award for Outstanding Structured Reality Program, and had fans crying out for a new season.

Check out the season 2 trailer here:

After a year hiatus due to the pandemic and a whole lot of drama behind the scenes, many were convinced that Cheer wouldn't come back for a second season.

But from the trailer, all of our favourite squad members like Gabi Butler, La’Darius Marshall, and Morgan Simianer will be back for nine episodes as they train for the National Cheerleading Championships.

It looks like star tumbler Lexi Brumback will also return for season two after a shock twist in the first season saw her dropped from the team.

Hook it to our veins!!!

Head coach Monica Aldama will take Navarro College to Nationals this season..(

One series star, however, will not be making a comeback for season two.

Previous fan-favourite Jerry Harris was best known for his infectious energy and hilarious on-screen persona. But in September 2020, the Cheer star was faced with sexual misconduct allegations.

It is understood that the new season will cover events as they unfolded, and tackle the hardships that Navarro College faced head-on.

Fans have already warned that they will be unavailable from 12th January onward, as they prepare to completely lose themselves in the addictive series all over again.

All of our favourite Cheer stars will be back for season two. (

Ahead of the show's start date, one viewer tweeted: "Cheer season 2 trailer just dropped, and it turns out I'm going to be unavailable on January 12 because I'll need to binge watch."

Another wrote: "In Cheer season 2 they better address every last thing that’s gone down."

A third commented: "Excited for Cheer season 2 to consume my mind, body, and soul in the coming weeks."

Ecstatic over the all-new season another fan wrote: “I was worried they wouldn't film a second [series] after everything that happened. I'm happy they found a way to keep sharing their stories!!”

Season two promises to address the allegations made against Jerry Harris. (

We're glad to see everyone is just as excited about this as we are!

Season 2 of Cheer is available to watch on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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