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Fans Baffled As Meghan Markle Swigs From Baby Bottle In Ellen Prank

Fans Baffled As Meghan Markle Swigs From Baby Bottle In Ellen Prank

Just smile and nod.

Royal-watchers were left baffled after Meghan Markle took part in a bizarre Ellen prank.

The Duchess of Sussex was asked to perform some very bizarre tasks, such as eating 'like a chipmunk' and humming with 'healing' crystals, as part of her appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' 'farewell tour' show.

But the skit wasn't widely well-received by viewers, some of which 'couldn't believe' their eyes.

Meghan's tasks became increasingly whacky as the clip went on, leaving members of the public feeling wildly confused.

The talk show host first asked the Duchess to 'squat if you can hear me', prompting Meghan to crouch down in a floor-dusting dress and heels.

Ellen reiterated that Meghan had to 'say everything I tell you to say', while she entered a sunny marketplace.

Meghan's first task was to squat down in public. [
Warner Bros.]

The royal's first challenge was to visit the crystal stall, stating over-and-over again that it was a "lovely, lovely day". She then frantically touched every single stone on display, asking her fake personal assistant to "watch me".

Ellen instructed her to put a crystal "against your head", so Meghan chose one of the largest rocks available. While placing it against her temple, she began to hum, cutting through the awkward silence she'd previously asked for.

Meghan made her way to the next table, being ordered to ask "what'cha got?" in a funny voice.

'Like Bill Withers says, lovely day!' [
Warner Bros.]

The vendor showed her a range of hot sauces - to which Ellen told her to say "let mummy taste some". She continued to refer to herself as "mummy" throughout the entire exchange, leaving fans to watch through their fingers.

While sampling each sauce, the host told her to eat every cracker "like a chipmunk". Meghan followed suit, taking tiny nibbles out of the snacks and wrinkling her nose.

After trying the hottest sauce, she was told to say "mummy needs some milk". After reaching into her handbag, she grabbed a baby beaker filled with formula. The Duchess then took a swig from the bottle, while the vendor did a double-take.

She nibbled on the cracker "like a chipmunk". [
Warner Bros.]

Viewers found the clip a cringey watch, while some commented on how impeccable her acting skills still are.

"I'm sure Meghan misses acting and is enjoying every single second of this", one person said.

"I was thinking, wow she is really good at this, then I remembered she is an actress", said a second.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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