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People Are Just Realising Miss Honey From Matilda Was In Bridget Jones

People Are Just Realising Miss Honey From Matilda Was In Bridget Jones

Our minds are blown.

We’ve been hooked on The Morning Show since it returned for a second season, and we’ve been enthralled by the sexual politics of the breakfast TV show.

The second season follows the fallout of the sexual harassment accusations against presenter Mitch Kessler, as wife Paige Kessler is caught in the crossfire.

Embeth Davidtz is currently in the Morning Show (

Paige is played by Embeth Davidtz, a Hollywood mainstay who has appeared in a number of films – but you probably recognise her as Matilda’s Miss Honey, the gorgeous and kind school teacher that bonded with Matilda when she was abandoned by her parents.

But now fans are discovering Davidtz also starred in another film from the early 00’s that many of us have love and rewatch constantly – Bridget Jones’s Diary.

We cant believe Miss Honey could be so nasty! (
Sony Pictures/Universal)

Yep, Davidtz plays the bitchy Natasha, Mark Darcy’s partner in law and one of his love interests.

Say what?

Yep, we were stunned to find this out too. Let’s just say Embeth Davidtz certainly has range.

We weren’t the only ones who were left mind-blown by this revelation, with the good people on Twitter finding themselves similarly flabbergasted.

People on Twitter are similarly shocked (

“Madness that Miss Honey from Matilda is Natasha in Bridget Jones,” one person wrote.

A second added: “Still not over the (two decades late) realisation that the lovely and wholesome Miss Honey (Matilda) is also the evil and finger snapping Natasha (Bridget Jones’ Diary).

It's called having range (

“I was today years old when I found out the lady who plays Natasha in Bridget Jones’s Diary is Miss Honey from Matilda,” a third said. “I’m shooketh.”

While a fourth person said: “This is a public service announcement to notify you that the same actress played sweet Miss Honey in Matilda and snobby Natasha in Bridget Jones’ Diary.”

Davidtz also starred in TV shows we’re more than familiar with, with her portfolio of acting roles including Mad Men, Grey’s Anatomy and Californication.

This woman has range – we have no choice but to stan.

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