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Married At First Sight UK Fans Lose It After Spotting Nikita Jasmine's Hilarious Blunder During Reunion

Married At First Sight UK Fans Lose It After Spotting Nikita Jasmine's Hilarious Blunder During Reunion

The reality star made a geographical slip up when she returned for the E4 reunion.

The Married At First Sight UK reunion was a real ride. We saw some couples crash and burn, some new friendships forming and some returning just as bitter as they left off (cough, cough, Nikita Jasmine and Ant Poole).

Yep, within minutes of Nikita entering the reunion she was picking a fight with Ant, who had apparently blocked her on Instagram following their time together in the experiment.

"Did I not get a hello?," Ant asked as Nikita entered.

To which she replied: "Do you want one, like? You blocked us on Instagram for no reason, so I didn't know."

"Keep your f***ing cool," Morag Crichton then told her friend.

But it was her reply after that which really had people howling.

Nikita Jasmine wasted no time fuming at her co-stars (

In a slip of the tongue, Nikita got her geography slightly wrong as she replied: "I feel like a volcano about to erode."

We think you mean explode, hun?

Reacting on social media, people were quick to make a meme out of the blunder.

"Nikita saying she’s like a volcano about to erode," someone wrote alongside a string of laughing emojis.

Meanwhile, another shared a GIF of a volcano, and penned: "Nikita's volcano is "eroding", I mean exploding #MAFSUK".

"I feel like I'm a volcano about to… ERODE’ - Nikita @MAFSUK #MAFSUK," laughed another. "And she didn’t even realise what she said".

Nikita and Ant hashed it out on the sofa (

Nikita pulled no punches when she returned to the E4 experiment, having told cameras as she arrived: "I don't want to go in all guns blazing but if people p**s us off I'm obviously going to have quite a lot to say."

The reunion also saw her throwing daggers at Alexis Economou, who entered into a relationship with Ant after she was kicked off the show.

"It was just the whole girl code situation. Do you know that night when I stuck up for you and fair dos, you didn't tell me to, but you don't need to tell your friend," Nikita explained.

Alexis and Nikita also had a row (

"I'll be really honest with you. I didn't think we had a friendship," replied Alexis.

Nikita responded: "I done that for you, I didn't do it for me. That's what bothered us. Like Jordan said, if somebody had a genuine connection, and it was real - I mean, they lasted a week - but if it was real, I would never stand in front of that. I didn't love Ant."

"If I hurt your feelings, or I made you feel like I broke girl code, or I betrayed you. I'm sorry," Alexis said.

Hopefully that volcano is dormant again now, eh?

Featured Image Credit: E4

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