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Married At First Sight UK Spot 'Red Flags' On Two Honeymoon Dates

Married At First Sight UK Spot 'Red Flags' On Two Honeymoon Dates

Fans noticed that Franky and Jordan both picked and went through with activities their brides clearly didn't like...

Married At First Sight UK's second batch of honeymoons continue to air tonight, and it seems that not all the couples are a match made in heaven.

Fans spotted two major 'red flags' as the dates hit screens on Tuesday night, and they were quick to note that both Franky and Jordan might not be right for their partners, as a result of their behaviour.

Can you spot what Jordan may have done wrong, here?:

The red flags started showing as the men were tasked with picking dates for their wives.

To start off with, Franky organised a date for his new wife, Marilyse, which involved water sports - despite the fact she'd told him she had a fear of open water.

Anybody else getting major MAFS Australia Mike and Heidi flashbacks?!

Marilyse told Franky she 'wasn't that excited' for their paddle boarding date, due to her phobia.

And speaking to the camera, Franky then admitted: "Ok yesterday, Maz told me her fear of water, and I forgot that".

Franky pushed on with paddle boarding despite Marilyse's concerns (

Franky went on to tease a clearly petrified Marilyse, telling her that she would only fall in the water "about 300 times".

Great start, mate!

It got worse, as Franky wasn't alone in his ill-informed decision. Jordan also opted to give some water sports with Alexis, despite the fact she was also vocal about her concerns.

To make matters worse, the pair then got into a blazing row when Alexis got stressed during the activity, because instead of comforting her he grew frustrated.

"Two grooms being told by their wives that they hate water, and they still choose deep water activities!?? Jordon, what the heck!?? #MAFSUK," wrote one fan after watching the scenes unfold.

"If you don't want her to speak to you like that, then don't make her do something she's terrified of! Ugh."

Alexis didn't look happy on her date (

Meanwhile, another fan had similar sentiments.

"What is wrong with these guys? Arranging water activities when their wives don't like water! #mafsuk," they wrote.

Berating Franky in particular, a third concurred: "What even is this man Franky. I am seeing so many red flags it’s scary. No wonder the producers didn’t spend too much money on him and he got the lakes! #MAFSUK."

And referring to Jordan and Alexis' date, another quipped: "This was really infuriating to watch. I’m terrified of ocean and deep water but it got on this thing with my gf she would’ve held my hand or put her arm around me to calm my nerves.

"Reassuring your partner is the bare minimum #mafsuk".

Oh dear, it looks like a couple of marriages aren't getting the public's seal of approval just yet...

Featured Image Credit: E4