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Married At First Sight Fans Predict Two Wife Swaps After Iconic One-Liner

Married At First Sight Fans Predict Two Wife Swaps After Iconic One-Liner


Married at First Sight UK fans are predicting not one but two wife swaps could be on the cards after Wednesday evening's episode.

During the ep, seven of the show's couples eight couples gathered for their very first dinner party, but there were some serious dramas.

First up, Megan - who is struggling in her marriage with Bob - ended up in tears after realising that the majority of the other couples were happy in their marriages. Then, after Nikita stormed off from the dinner table, husband Ant and Alexis - who is unhappily married to Jordon - ended up engaging in some serious flirting.

You can watch Ant's very flirty one-liner below:

The pair began by discussing Ant's honeymoon - which he described as 'rough' - with Alexis explaining there were no romantic feelings between her and Jordon either.

Admitting he wasn't her type, Ant - referring to his eye colour - said: "What is your type, green eyes?"

Alexis couldn't help but giggle, explaining to the camera afterwards: "You can't deny he's very handsome, he's like chiselled, he's got the sexy eyes."

Meanwhile on the other side of the table, Megan also seemed to have a wandering eye. After learning she was Jordon's 'type', Megan admitted: "Jordon and Alexis are not in a good place, quite similar to where Bob and I are at."

Ant and Alexis were flirting at the table (
Channel 4)

She also revealed: "Jordon is definitely someone I would find physically attractive but Alexis is my girl I wouldn't want to tread on anyone's toes and make anyone uncomfortable... there's definitely something there."

And fans are predicting a wife swap, with one writing: "OK I'm gona call it, Megan and Jordan, Alexis and Ant. They'd both be cute, right!?? Hmmm..."

While another said: "Ooooh so I think Jordan will go with Megan and ant will get with Alexis."

Megan made no secret that she didn't like Bob (

We can't wait to see what happens next!

MAFS continues weeknights at 9pm on E4.

Featured Image Credit: E4

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