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Married At First Sight UK Star Tayah Victoria Hits Back At Trolls Saying She Looks Older Than 25

Married At First Sight UK Star Tayah Victoria Hits Back At Trolls Saying She Looks Older Than 25

MAFS UK contestant Tayah Victoria is 25 - but she's been the subject of cruel trolling suggesting she's actually older.

Married At First Sight UK star Tayah Victoria chose to speak out today after spotting cruel comments that were being made about her age.

The stunning reality star is just 25-years-old, but some nasty viewers couldn't help but suggest she looked older online - and wasted no time vocalising it publicly, too.

Posting on her Instagram story after spotting a TikTok discussing this very matter, Tayah had a powerful message for all the bullies commenting on her appearance.

She said: "I'm actually disgusted he world of social media is still such a cruel, nasty place.

"Clearly people haven't learnt anything from the past few years.

"To think these people are bringing up people in their 20s aswell and commenting things like this just blows my mind".

In the pictures she shared on her Insta' story, tonnes of TikTok comments mentioned the fact that they thought Tayah was in her 30s, if not 40s.

Tayah is 25 years old (

We mean, why post this online, guys?! Ever heard of bringing a woman up rather than tearing her down?

Tayah went on to write on her Instagram again later today, telling fans that she was grateful for all the kind messages she had received since calling the trolls out.

“I’m so overwhelmed by all the messages I have received today from amazing people taking time out of their day to say the nicest things to me,” she said. 

Tayah shared the cruel comments she was getting on her Insta (
Instagram/ Tayah Victoria)

“I have read very single one of them and I will reply to all of them when I can but just know how much of a smile it put on my face today. Love and kindness always wins”.

Amen to that.

In brighter MAFS UK news, it looks as if Tayah's stint on the show is going well so far.

In fact, she's even dropped the L-bomb with her partner, Adam.

Here's hoping their journey continues as swimmingly.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ Tayah Victoria