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MAFS UK Expert Reacts To Explosive Never-Seen-Before Honeymoon Scenes

MAFS UK Expert Reacts To Explosive Never-Seen-Before Honeymoon Scenes

The honeymoons have been dramatic to say the least.

If you've been tuning into the new series of Married At First Sight UK this week, you'll know it's been a bit of a rocky ride for some of the newlywed couples, particularly now they've jetted off on their honeymoons.

And reacting to some of the explosive scenes shown in Wednesday night's episode, the show's dating expert Paul Brunson was just as shook as we are at some of the dramatic twists.

You can watch a teaser of just some of the arguments below:

First up, Nikita Jasmine and Ant Poole could be seen having a huge row on the beach, after Ant said he found it annoying that Nikita was 'fishing for compliments'.

It ended with Nikita storming off on just the first day of what should have been a romantic getaway.

Meanwhile, over in Switzerland and Luke and Morag's honeymoon wasn't going well either. After Morag made a comment about Luke not being 'manly enough', fans were gutted for Luke.

"You’re lovely but I need more man than boy," Morag told him.

"I spend a lot of time around people who care about what they actually look like. I literally go for the same type of guy all the time, I go to the gym everyday and surrounded by all these gym bods."

After the comment, Luke said: "To be called not a man is a low blow. To me being a man is being loyal, having your back supporting you. I wanted someone to like me for who I am."

Nikita's honeymoon episode started off pretty rocky with Ant (
Channel 4)

Dating expert Paul later took to Twitter to respond to the fan tweets, explaining he wasn't aware the couple had had that conversation.

"Had no idea about that conversation," he said. Meanwhile another fan tweeted: "Nah, the experts did Luke dirty knowing that he is already insecure and matching him with someone who wouldn't fancy him."

To which Paul replied: "In the first commitment ceremony, we specifically address why everyone was matched."

Hmmm, will these two make it work?!

Luke seemed upset at the comment (
Channel 4)

Meanwhile in the Dominican Republic, Bob and Megan were also struggling, with Megan explaining Bob is an extrovert while she's an introvert.

One fan tweeted: "Feel sorry for Bob. But he is very loud. She was being nice gently letting him down. Thing is either you like loud extroverts or not."

And Paul explained he hadn't previously been aware of this scene either, adding: "Felt for him, too. Didn't know this happened on the honeymoon."

Married At First Sight UK continues weeknights at 9pm on E4.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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