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MAFS UK Expert Reveals Real Reason For Pairing 'Incompatible' Couple Following Backlash

MAFS UK Expert Reveals Real Reason For Pairing 'Incompatible' Couple Following Backlash

The matchmakers aren’t psychic.

Married At First Sight is back – and we are utterly hooked on our new 9pm dating obsession.

The series has had a revamp to the style of the popular Australian edition of the show, seeing all the couples now interacting and having regular dinner parties to assess how their relationships are going.

Watch a clip of the show below:

And for people entirely new to the series, the extreme dating show sees two strangers matched together and married, meeting each other for the first time at the altar.

However, the matchmakers caught some stick on social media following Tuesday night’s episode, when Morag Crichton and Luke Dawson were matched despite the pair seeming entirely different.

Luke was clear he wanted children (
Channel 4)

Repeatedly announcing Luke wasn’t “what she ordered” and even admitting she was “bored” at her own wedding, Morag aka Moo didn’t seem too impressed with her new hubby.

And Luke also seemed let down when the conversation turned to kids. While he said he couldn’t wait to start a family, Morag said simply that she didn’t want children – leading to awkward silence.

Now, matchmaker Paul Carrick Brunson has opened up about the situation, after a fan quizzed him on Twitter on just how the series worked.

Morag said she didn't want children, as she hadn't met the right person (
Channel 4)

“What do the experts know before you watch the dinner parties?” they asked. “Have you literally heard nothing about the couples since the last time you saw them in person or do you have a rough idea of what's been going on in advance?”

Paul responded: “We go into the dinner party observations completely blind. A matter of fact, much of what I’m seeing on these episodes, I knew nothing about (like someone omitting their position on kids)."

Yikes! Paul’s words suggested that Morag may not have been entirely open and honest with them during the matching process…

Married At First Sight previously matched couples on a number of factors, including beliefs, values and even from a biological perspective.

Paul hinted that the new matchmaking process is similarly rigorous.

Paul believed Morag wasn't forthcoming (

"We start with a massive pool (thousands), and they go through various tests (including psychological, STDs, etc.). You’d be surprised how small it gets. That becomes our viable pool. We match from that," he revealed.

Fingers crossed that the tide turns for Luke and Moo - and we get to see what the dating experts saw when matching them together.

Married At First Sight continues weeknights on E4 at 9pm.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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