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MAFS Fans Lose It Over Morag's Plant Blunder

MAFS Fans Lose It Over Morag's Plant Blunder

Not got a green thumb, then, Morag?

We’re getting towards the very end of Married At First Sight UK, and things are getting serious for our couples.

For those who have made it this far in the experiment, they now have to see what they make of each other’s real lives, now moving into one another’s homes.

Morag has caused some tensions (

And Morag was ecstatic to see that her husband, Luke, had a particular plant growing on the outside of his house.

“Oh my God, you’ve got ivory growing outside!” she said, leaving viewers baffled.

Does she not mean…ivy?

Oh Morag, hun.

Naturally, Morag’s plant gaffe didn’t go unnoticed, with many people taking to Twitter to express their confusion.

Fans were quick to chuckle at Morag's blunder (

“According to Morag Luke has got ‘ivory’ growing,” one account said. “Jfc.”

"Did Morag say you've got ivory, it's called ivy love,” a second said.

“I’m sorry, did Morag just say: you’ve got ivory? Lmfao!” a third chuckled.

Morag’s had quite a rough ride on Married At First Sight UK.

Morag, hun, it's easily done (

She’s been in the very centre of one of the show’s biggest rows, after she revealed that Josh, who is married to Amy, had secretly messaged her before they’d taken part on the programme.

Morag claimed that Josh had slid into her DM’s, and liked a series of her pictures – something Josh had denied.

But when Amy accused Josh of still being a player at the final dinner party, things turned nasty very quickly.

Josh has since spoken out about the situation, explaining why he felt the need to defend himself so passionately.

Josh has spoken out about the DM drama (
Channel 4)

“I was backed up into a corner and I thought I have been brought into something, now I'm going to have to defend myself,” he told

"For me, the most frustrating thing was that I didn't choose to be in that position, I was brought into it.

“From the moment you realised that, why did you not mention it or if you thought it was going to be a problem, why bring it up?

"When it did get brought up and it escalated, why then say it doesn't need to be this much of a problem?”

You can read exactly how it played out here…

Married At First Sight UK continues Monday to Thursdays at 9pm on E4.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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