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Married At First Sight UK Star Morag Crichton Responds To Claims She 'Wasn't Turned On' During Strip Tease

Married At First Sight UK Star Morag Crichton Responds To Claims She 'Wasn't Turned On' During Strip Tease

The reality star got intimate with partner, Luke Dawson, during last night's show - but fans noticed that she needed a glass of wine.

Married At First Sight UK fans saw Morag Crichton and Luke Dawson getting steamy during Monday night's show, after Morag pulled out a fireman's outfit, and instructed him to give her a strip tease.

But after an episode where - let's face it - the 31-year-old veterinary nurse had been rather plain about the fact she didn't fancy the care home manager 36, it didn't take fans long to spot the glass of wine in her hand.

Morag previously made a comment about needing a glass of wine to get intimate (

Die hard MAFS UK viewers will remember that during Thursday's commitment ceremony, Morag was asked what her intimate life was like with Luke, only to tell the experts that things only got frisky "after a glass of wine". Ouch.

So some questioned whether the fact she had been sipping her vino again was a sign she was nervous for the night of passion that awaited her.

However, now Morag has responded to critics, writing on her Instagram story: "You're all lying if you have... never been dating someone new and been so nervous when it comes down to the first time getting down and dirty you didn't need a drink to calm the nerves (sic)".

Jokily, she added: "You need a porn star to be a porn star".

Morag responded to all the drama about her wine glass (


Morag and Luke had a rocky episode ahead of their fire-y bedroom antics (see what we did there?!).

"I dunno what to do, I’ve got a breaking point, I’m close if I’m honest," Luke had said ahead of their romantic dinner, admitting he felt worn down by his wife's critical attitude.

"I never ask her to change anything about herself, I’m tired," he added.

The pair certainly looked like they'd made up (

"I deserve better right now. I want to it to work with me and Morag and I’ve got to question, is it going to?."

But it appears he's decided to give her another chance...

Will they go the distance, or is it just the vino talking?!

Featured Image Credit: E4

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