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Married At First Sight UK Star Sends Stark Reminder To Viewers To Be Kind On Suicide Prevention Day

Married At First Sight UK Star Sends Stark Reminder To Viewers To Be Kind On Suicide Prevention Day

Married At First Sight UK contestant Megan Wolfe has urged viewers to be kind on suicide prevention day.

Married at First Sight UK contestant Megan Wolfe has urged viewers to "be kind" on World Suicide Prevention Day 2021.

Megan shared on her Instagram Stories two comments that were left under one of her Instagram posts.

One comment said: “Yikes. What happened was adultery. In many societies adultery is a felony and would lead to an arrest warrant. Hope we learn from this disastrous mistakes [sic].”

Megan responded via Instagram Stories: “Let’s leave this level of drama for the TV show shall we.”

MAFS UK star Megan Wolfe has responded to trolls once again on Instagram (

After another person called her “cruel and dishonest” and blamed her for being “the reason why people are getting suicidal”, the 26-year-old responded: “The reason people get suicidal is down to a multitude of things… mental illness. Often caused by abuse and nasty words from other people. Thank you for your contribution to the hate, I hope it makes you feel better and for the record, I’ve worked for many years helping to prevent suicide in children and adults.

The “Be Kind” movement stemmed from the deaths related to ITV 2’s dating show Love Island. The wellness coach and actress from Stoke then shared a slide of images featuring Love Island contestants Mike Thalassitis and Sophie Gradon and former Love Island host Caroline Flack who all died from suicide.

Megan shared the image of Caroline Flack on her story and wrote: “Mass trolling causes far more suicide than most things. I’ve helped more people in my short life than some of you will in your lifetime.”

Megan shared a picture of Caroline Flack who died in 2020 (
Megan Wolfe/Instagram)

After receiving criticism for her behaviour in Wednesday night’s episode when she argued with husband Bob Voysey and called his behaviour “disgusting,” Megan took to Instagram to hit back at trolls. 

Responding to some of the scenes in the episode, one person wrote: "You belittled his confidence sm."

While another said: "Who does Megan think she is?! She has made Bob so uncomfortable. Talk about having no empathy and being a total brat. Blimey."

Megan posted a series of Stories on her Instagram on Thursday, including a repost from E4 which read: "To everyone, remember our brides and grooms are real people with friends and family who are all reading your comments.

E4 has encouraged viewers to 'be kind' this week (

"We know this show can sometimes spark debate, but let's all remember to #bekind."

She also added: "People entering a reality show isn't your cue to spew hate... channel your energy into yourself and start your healing.

"Only hurt people hurt people. And for that reason I won't be responding to any more negativity. My energy is more precious than that."

World Suicide Prevention Day takes place on the 10th September every year. Communities and organisations come together to raise awareness about suicide and to encourage suicide prevention. The latest suicides statistics showed that in 2018, in the UK and Republic of Ireland, more than 6,800 people died by suicide. 

If you have been affected by this story, please visit the Samaritans website here.

Featured Image Credit: E4

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