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Married At First Sight UK Fans Confused By Megan Wolfe's Bizarre Comment About Bob Voysey Following Cheating Scandal

Married At First Sight UK Fans Confused By Megan Wolfe's Bizarre Comment About Bob Voysey Following Cheating Scandal

Megan Wolfe's comments about Bob's raw display of emotions rubbed some viewers up the wrong way...

Married At First Sight UK fans were eagerly awaiting tonight's episode, following the dramatic commitment ceremony during last Thursday's episode.

In case you need a reminder, Megan Wolfe decided to cheat on husband Bob Voysey with Jordon Mundell after Wednesday's dinner party, and it all came out after Jordan came clean in the subsequent episode.

It looked like Bob was done with Megan as he yelled at her and ran off crying at the end of the ceremony, following the news of her infidelity.

And Megan seemed to have made her intentions (or lack thereof) towards Bob pretty clear.

Megan apologised to Bob for her behaviour (

But tonight's ep showed Megan determined to make it work with Bob after all, telling the camera that seeing his "raw emotion" at the news of her cheating was the "most attractive he'd ever been".

Sorry, what?!

Reacting to the revelation, fans weren't too impressed.

"Did this woman just say Bob was at his most attractive when he reacted to her cheating on him. Sorry, but Bob deserves so much better," one viewer said.

While another penned: "Did Megan just say that the way Bob dealt with her infidelity was attractive? ATTRACTIVE???? #MAFSUK".


"Not Megan suddenly finding Bob attractive because he stood up for himself at the ceremony she made him cry at #MAFSUK," a third wrote.

"How can megan say she's more attracted to bob now because of how well he handled her cheating on him?," penned somebody else.

Speaking to Bob after the commitment ceremony, Megan told him: "It was a huge lapse in judgement, I’m sorry and theres no excuse for it."

Bob told Megan he was willing to give things a go (

"I’m not justifying what you’ve done at all because it wasn’t a nice thing, but there's still part of me that wants to hold on for dear life, because theres still part of me that thinks you’re a special person," Bob hen told her.

"I feel like there's still a very slim bit of a hope for me and Megan," he then told the camera. "After the chat we’ve had we might try and fix us in some way."

Will Bob and Megan prove the doubters wrong?

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