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Married At First Sight UK Viewers Stunned After Megan's 'Unfair' Comment About Bob

Married At First Sight UK Viewers Stunned After Megan's 'Unfair' Comment About Bob

Viewers were not happy during Tuesday's ep.

It's been a rocky road so far for Married at First Sight's Megan Wolfe and Bob Voysey. Not only did the pair struggle to form a connection when they first met, but last week, Megan ended up kissing Jordon after the series' first dinner party.

Now, fans have accused Megan of 'shifting the blame' after a comment she made about Bob during Tuesday's episode.

Megan and Bob had a lot of drama at the last dinner party (

As the couple were getting ready for the second dinner party, Megan told the cameras: "I have definitely been the bad guy, however, prior to this there was lots that Bob was doing wrong.

"He wasn't being honest with me, he wasn't being genuine."

And fans were not impressed with the comment, with one writing: "Bob did nothing to you Megan don’t shift the blame."

While another said: "Shock horror... Megan still blaming Bob for everything that was wrong despite her not trying and cheating."

And a third added: "Ooo Meg shifting the blame."

"Megan still trying to put it on Bob," tweeted a fourth.

And another wrote: "So now you are trying to blame Bob."


In Monday's episode, Megan and Bob decided to have a day out in Brighton to work on their relationship after the drama of the previous week.

But viewers weren't impressed when Megan told cameras that seeing Bob's "raw emotion" at the news of her cheating last week was the "most attractive he'd ever been".

"Did this woman just say Bob was at his most attractive when he reacted to her cheating on him. Sorry, but Bob deserves so much better," one viewer said.

While another penned: "Did Megan just say that the way Bob dealt with her infidelity was attractive? ATTRACTIVE???? #MAFSUK".

Speaking to Bob after the commitment ceremony, Megan told him: "It was a huge lapse in judgement, I’m sorry and there's no excuse for it."

We really hope these two can work things out!

MAFS UK continues Monday-Thursday at 9pm on E4.

Featured Image Credit: E4

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