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Married At First Sight UK Fans Think They Know Why Daniel And Matt Missed Dinner Party

Married At First Sight UK Fans Think They Know Why Daniel And Matt Missed Dinner Party

The couple were absent from the event, and told the others that they would fill them all in next time they saw them.

Married At First Sight UK fans were left wondering where one couple were for most of Wedesday night's episode, as the dinner party unfolded.

The season's first gay couple, Matt Jameson and Daniel McKee, were the picture of love on their honeymoon, so it was a shock not to see them walk through the door.

"I reckon they've gone, they have deffo left," said Tayah as she noted the pair's absence.

While Morag Crichton agreed: "They should have been here by now, I love Daniel so much."

The plot then thickened, as Daniel later called up Morag and reassured her that they were still together.

He didn't open up about why they hadn't turned up, though, telling the group he would reveal all when he next saw them.

Dan and Matt had just been on honeymoon (

"I'm not coming to the dinner party and neither is Matt. We will tell you when we next see you," he said.

Cryptic, huh?

Well, despite all the teasing from E4 bosses, fans are convinced they know what caused the pair's disappearance, considering they travelled abroad for their honeymoon in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Covid-19 restrictions on travel were ever changing, so it may have been that the pair were forced to isolate last minute, got pinged or even caught the virus.

Suggesting as much on Twitter, fans were quick to blame the pandemic for their absence.


"How much do you bet Daniel and Matt are stuck isolating cause of COVID? #MAFSUK," one person wrote.

While another penned: "Did Dan and Matt get covid or something? #MAFSUK".

"I’m guessing they had to isolate #MAFSUK," pondered someone else.

It sounds like we'll be hearing more from Dan and Matt soon enough, and we're sure we'll get the lowdown then.

Elsewhere at the dinner party, some couples showed they were strong, while others let their eyes wonder, or cracked under the pressure.

Megan sobbed to Bob about their lack of connection (

Franky Spencer and Marilyse Corrigan and Tayah Victoria and Adam Aveling both appeared to flourish as they joined the other couples. But emotions were high between Megan Wolfe and Bob Voysey, who had both realised their lack of connection was apparent.

The drama didn't stop there, as Ant also decided to look elsewhere after Nikita had an outburst at the dinner table, and it seems as if Alexis is firmly in his sights.

And after drying her tears, Megan decided to turn her attention to Jordon Mundell.

Eeeek. Who will survive another week to return for the next dinner party?!

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