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MAFS UK: Matchmaker Takes Alexis's Side After Jordon Honeymoon Row

MAFS UK: Matchmaker Takes Alexis's Side After Jordon Honeymoon Row

Alexis deserves better.

So we’re totally obsessed with Married At First Sight UK, which has more than filled the Love Island­­-shaped hole in our lives.

While some of the matches that have been made seem to really be working out, the same can’t be said for Jordon and Alexis – who have only gone from bad to worse since they met at the altar.

Watch the clip below.

Having jetted off to the Maldives on their Honeymoon to get better acquainted, Jordon decided to drop a bombshell on model Alexis – leaving her utterly taken aback.

He bluntly told his new bride that she “wasn’t his type” and that he only saw her as a friend – as Jordon usually goes with girls with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Literally the only time these two were happy (
Channel 4)

Despite his rather rude remarks, trooper Alexis threw herself into the day’s activities, and was left wrong-footed when Jordan chose to criticise her again for “swearing too much”.

Biting back, viewers cheered as Alexis said: “Are you used to this? ‘Yes, Jordon. No, Jordon.’ That’s what you’re used to and guess what? I’m not that babes.

“That’s the way I speak babes and it ain’t going to change. Last thing I’m going to do is sit here and be told that I am acting aggressive for no reason.

Alexis bit back at Jordon's sniping (
Channel 4)

“Anyone that knows me knows I’m a very chilled-out person. The minute someone prods and pokes me makes me feel like I need to get my back up and defend myself.”

While we as viewers may have been shocked at the scenes, it seems we weren’t as taken aback as Paul Carrick Brunson, who initially paired Alexis and Jordon together.

Taking to Twitter, the matchmaker told his 110,000 followers: “I was frustrated watching it so I can’t fathom how she was feeling.

“Don’t change one single thing, Alexis!”

Paul was very much on Alexis's side (
Channel 4)

He also hinted he will make his feelings known to Jordon, writing: "We'll address this on Thursday at the commitment ceremony."

And others fully supported Alexis, who was left to finish dinner on her own after Jordan stormed off. 

“Jordon is annoying me and I'm not even there!” one person wrote. “Gaslighter and turning it all back on Alexis. Completely toxic. Run girl, run!”

Another added: “Feel sorry for Alexis, dream honeymoon with the WETTEST blanket known to man.”

Alexis had the public's support (
Channel 4)

Jordon has found himself embroiled in a major MAFS scandal, after it was alleged he dumped his girlfriend of 11 years to take part in the show.

You can read more about that here.

Married At First Sight continues Mondays to Thursdays at 9pm on E4.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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