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You Can Now Apply To Go On The Next Season Of Married At First Sight UK

You Can Now Apply To Go On The Next Season Of Married At First Sight UK

The marriage experiment is already looking for new Brits to take part.

Married At First Sight UK is currently all that everybody can talk about, and it's not hard to see why.

There has already been L-bombs, contestant boot offs and full-blown cheating scandals. It's TV gold at it's finest.

Following the last two weeks of drama, if you asked us whether we'd like to subject ourselves to marrying a stranger, it would still be a resounding no...

But if for some reason the tears and tantrums have lured you in, then guess what? E4 is already looking for new recruits for the next season.

So, what are you waiting for?

MAFS hopefuls get ready (
Instagram/ E4MAFSUK)

Sharing a call-out on social media, the channel said: "Married At First Sight UK Is Calling All Singles...

"Are you ready to find The One?"

While they gave no promises of another series, the advert is calling for considerations for a "potential" return.

Way to keep us on our toes, guys.

You can apply by clicking here, or emailing [email protected].

To sign up, you have to be over 18, and feel ready for marriage (natch).

You'll have to tell producers a little about yourself, your ideal first date, how long you've been single and other personal deets.

Want to meet your other half at the end of the aisle? (

Plus, you'll be asked to share a video message to win them over.

All being well, the series is set to film in Spring 2022, so you have to be free then, and must not have any current TV connections.

MAFS has captivated viewers since it landed on screens a fortnight ago, with the first episode pulling in 820,000 keen telly addicts on opening night, and smashing E4 viewing records.

Speaking to Tyla ahead of the series, expert Mel Schilling, who was pulled in from the Australian series, said she had every confidence MAFS could be the next big dating show.

Comparing it to ITV's hugely successful dating show, Love Island, Mel said: "I'm gonna call it. I think this show has the potential to be more successful.

"Yes, [Love Island] has the elements of flirtation and love, and all that stuff in there, but our show does go so much deeper.

Mel said the series could be better than Love Island (

"It's about people connecting and forming meaningful relationships, and I get feedback all the time from our audience, saying 'I can see myself playing out on the screen' or 'that couple reminded me of me'.

"[They say] when you gave the advice to that person, I took it on too, because I was doing the same thing.

"So I find there's a very very personal, and much deeper connection with the stories, playing out on the screen. It's not just about the surface level stuff.

"Sure, there's people falling in love and there's lots of snogging, mugging off... but at that deeper level there's that stuff that our audience can actually take away and learn, and that can be quite addictive."

Featured Image Credit: E4

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