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Married At First Sight UK Viewers Heartbroken As Ant Poole Leaves

Married At First Sight UK Viewers Heartbroken As Ant Poole Leaves

Ant Poole was sent home from the marriage experiment after his partner Nikita Jasmine was booted off.

Ant Poole was sent home from Married At First Sight UK during tonight's show by default, as his partner Nikita Jasmine was given the boot for her "aggressive" behaviour.

The contestant was sent home from the TV show because his partner was no longer allowed to be part of the show and fans couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

Reacting to his departure on social media, one wrote: "Feel real sorry for Ant. #MAFSUK."

While another penned: "That’s not fair. Because of one individuals poor behaviour, Ant has been sanctioned for it. So we won’t see an Ant and Alexis vibe? #MAFSUK".

Nikita was kicked off the show for her aggression (

A third penned: "Good! Nikita leaving! Fake person! #MAFS #MAFSUK #MarriedAtFirstSightuk #MarriedAtFirstSight feel sorry for Ant though!".

As someone else agreed: "Wait what? Poor Ant what a wasted experience for him! Poor guy! #MAFSUK".

Nikita's boot off was a result of aggressive behaviour which continued off camera, after Wednesday night's dinner party.

And the experts announced the decision at the start of Thursday's commitment ceremony, to the dismay of the rest of the cast.

Nikita and Ant were sent home after the drama (

"The wellbeing of cast and crew is our utmost priority at all times throughout production and beyond," Channel 4 said in a statement.

"During filming, a situation escalated off camera and Nikita displayed a level of aggression that was unacceptable and breached our agreed code of conduct on behaviour.

"As a result, she was asked to leave the experiment. All involved have been offered support and Nikita has since apologised and resolved the situation with those involved."

Nikita looked devastated at Ant's decision to leave (

Nikita has since blamed the "hectic" filming hours for her outburst.

"Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors, this dinner party took around 12 hours to film, it was a hectic day, nobody got to see the real deal," the sales worker wrote on Instagram.

"I’ll always have my girl's backs even if it’s not reciprocated unfortunately. A lot of us created close bonds off camera.

"See the bigger picture people. I’ll be back tomorrow 9pm on the dot."

Married at First Sight airs Monday-Thursday at 9pm on E4.

Featured Image Credit: E4

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