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Married At First Sight Star Amy Christopher 'Overwhelmed' By Response To Her Baby Loss Ordeal

Married At First Sight Star Amy Christopher 'Overwhelmed' By Response To Her Baby Loss Ordeal

Amy Christopher opened up about losing her twins in emotional scenes on the E4 programme.

Amy Christopher has spoken out about the huge reaction she received when opening up about her past on Married At First Sight.

The glamour model turned roving reporter for Racing TV, 34, candidly discussed the tragic circumstances which eventually led to her taking part on the E4 series, explaining she miscarried one baby and had to medically terminate the other when she was pregnant with twins.

And now, Amy has stated she is happy that she’s been given a platform to help other women who may have had a similar experience.

Watch the video below.

Speaking about her time on the show, Amy exclusively told Tyla: “Whenever bad things happen to me, I just throw myself into work. It’s probably not very healthy and I probably should deal with things.

“So being frank and honest like that, it was a really big thing for me but the feedback that I’ve had has been overwhelming. I’ve had so many lovely messages from women who have had miscarriages or have had to medically terminate, and it’s just been so nice.

“Some of them have said that me speaking openly about that really helped them and they need to talk about it all. I was just like, wow. You do something forget that things like that can have such an impact when it’s out in the open and on TV.

“The fact that’s helped somebody has helped me with my healing, knowing I’m not the only one having gone through things like that. I think sharing things like that are really important.”

Amy is pleased that her experienced has helped other women (
Channel 4)

Amy has also credited the support of Channel 4 to help her tell her story, and for their welfare team, having a close friend pass away just days before Married At First Sight UK went on air.

“Being vulnerable is not something I’m very comfortable with. I put on a big persona that I’m very strong – sometimes too strong. I haven’t really processed my friend’s death.

“But I can’t fault Channel 4, they’re so good with their welfare. We have a welfare officer that calls us daily. We’ve also got a therapist that we can speak to any time that we want.

“I just don’t think I have the time to process it at the moment. I don’t really want to deal with that. It’s just a lot. I think the more things that happen to me, I think I become more numb and closed off.”

Amy was paired with Josh on the series, and she admits she was shocked by the decision, considering how young he was.

Amy was partnered with Josh (
Channel 4)

“When I was speaking to Paul during the process, and the matchmakers spoke to my friends and family, they all said I needed someone older. And I was like, I usually want to date someone younger than me as I’m young at heart and I’m like Peter Pan and I don’t want to grow up. You’re only as old as the man you feel! So I thought I’d get an older man.

“But Josh is mature…in some ways.”

While Amy wouldn’t reveal whether her and Josh manage to stay together, she does hint they are still on good terms now filming has finished.

“Me and Josh are a good match in that sense – we stayed out of all the drama,” she says. “We’re actually not allowed to be following each other on Instagram. We’ve all just got to the point now that we’re all like, f*ck it. I’m liking Josh’s pictures and he’s always like ‘You’re going to get in trouble!’ and I’m like ‘f*** it, you look hot babe.’”

Married At First Sight UK continues Mondays to Thursdays at 9pm on E4

Amy Christophers is a presenter for Racing TV’s #Raceday, taking new and existing racing fans behind the scenes on social media to bring the stories and buzz of a raceday to life

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