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MAFS UK Fans Are Losing It Over Subtitles Blunder

MAFS UK Fans Are Losing It Over Subtitles Blunder

Well, this is awkward.

We’re utterly obsessed with Married At First Sight, which has seen a set of singles paired together by matchmakers without having ever met – first locking eyes as they walk down the aisle.

While some of our couples seem to be really well-matched (one pair have even dropped the L-bomb), others are less so (Ant and Nikita, anyone?).

One couple who are bumping along the road is Amy Christopher and Josh Christie, who the matchmakers believe will make a strong couple.

However, the age gap between them is something that concerns Amy – and the age gap has only been exaggerated thanks to the show’s subtitles.

Watch the video below.


In a recap of their relationship so far, MAFS viewers saw Josh telling Amy he’s only 26, to which Amy gasps and says: “I’m 34.”

However, the subtitles clearly mishear Amy, as they read: “I’m 94.”

Amy, is there’s something you’re not telling us? Drop the skincare secret!

Amy's 'age' left people amused (

The subtitle error as picked up Tyla’s very own Married At First Sight Obsessives Facebook group, with one person writing: “Catching up on last nights and the subtitles have cracked me up.” 

Others agreed, with one person writing: “I heard that too!” and a second person wrote: “Yes, every time!’

 In other MAFS news, you can already apply to go on the next series of the show.

 Sharing a call-out on social media, the channel said: "Married At First Sight UK Is Calling All Singles...

"Are you ready to find The One?"

Amy and Josh are together on the programme - but it's not easy (
Channel 4)

While they gave no promises of another series, the advert is calling for considerations for a "potential" return.

To sign up, you have to be over 18, and feel ready for marriage (natch).

You'll have to tell producers a little about yourself, your ideal first date, how long you've been single and other personal deets

You can apply by clicking here, or emailing [email protected].

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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