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Married At First Sight Fans Are Losing It Over Alexis And Ant's Savage Digs During Megan's Speech

Married At First Sight Fans Are Losing It Over Alexis And Ant's Savage Digs During Megan's Speech

The couple had some thoughts on Megan's feeling towards Bob.

It was a tough commitment ceremony for Megan and Bob during Wednesday's Married at First Sight, as the couple sat down to discuss the explosive revelation that Megan had kissed Jordon last week.

As the experts grilled Megan on how she was feeling towards Bob, Ant and Alexis had a lot of opinions, and could be seen whispering during the chat.

You can watch a clip below:

During the chat, Megan said: "I'm trying my hardest to do what Bob needs me to do and to get there and get that feeling that I haven't had."

Sat with the other couples, Alexis said: "She feels like she's got to rectify the mistake that she made."

Meanwhile Ant added: "She doesn't fancy him. It's simpler than that, she doesn't fancy him."

Megan was visibly upset during the chat, admitting she was 'there for Bob' rather than 'there for herself'.

Ant said Megan didn't fancy Bob (

And Twitter had plenty of thoughts on the matter, with one person writing: "Ant and Alexis know!! They know and should've said that out loud!!!"

While another said: "Ant and Alexis muttering what we're all thinking."

And a third tweeted: "At least Ant and Alexis can see the truth."


During Wednesday's commitment ceremony, viewers issued a warning to Ant and Alexis after they sat down with experts to discuss their blossoming relationship.

Although the couple seem mega into each other, Alexis did voice her concerns that the relationship wan't progressing quickly enough. Speaking to the experts, she said: "There's been no intimacy, we haven't even had a first kiss yet, so it does make me question myself, does he fancy me?"

In response, Ant said: "This is the first time I've heard this, I've been in things before where I've had sex really early and it's just fizzled out and been nothing. And I don't want to do that because I really do like Alexis."

Taking to Twitter afterwards, viewers were adamant that the pair shouldn't need to rush so early on. You can read more on that here.

MAFS UK continues Monday-Thursday at 9pm on E4.

Featured Image Credit: E4

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