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MAFS UK Fans Can't Get Over Adam's Dad 'Grassing Him Up'

MAFS UK Fans Can't Get Over Adam's Dad 'Grassing Him Up'

We couldn't stop laughing at this!

Married at First Sight fans were in hysterics during Monday evening's episode, when groom Adam made a huge faux pas in his wedding ceremony.

Feeling the nerves beforehand, Adam somehow made the mistake of gushing about his wife-to-be's bridesmaid as she walked down the aisle, after mistakenly assuming she was his bride.

Adam was so sure that the bridesmaid was his future missus that he actually said "wow" when he saw her, in front of all of her friends and family.

Fans couldn't stop laughing at the mega awks moment, made even more hilarious by Adam's dad, who not only called his son out during the ceremony, but also grassed him up to his new wife, Tayah, at the reception.

You can watch a clip below:

"You didn't see this but Charlotte came walking down and Adam turned around and said 'wow'," he told Tayah, who immediately turned to Adam and asked: "Did you think Charlotte was me?!"

And viewers couldn't get enough of Adam's dad, with one tweeting: "Ohhhh the dad grassed him up! He fancied the mate hahha."

While another said: "Adam's dad grassing him up."

Adam's dad told Tayah what had happened (

Others meanwhile, couldn't stop gushing about Adam's dad in general, with one adding: "Awwww at least Adam's dad is happy with Tayah and is making her feel welcomed into the family."

And another said: "I mean Adam's dad is just the perfect dad clearly."

And a third tweeted: "Adam's dad seems so lovely bless him."


On the other side of the table, things were a little frostier with Adam and Tayah's mum, who said: "I still find the whole circumstance quite bizarre. Although on paper this person might seem right for Tayah and Tayah might be right for this person, you can't manufacture the spark."

Meanwhile Adam said: "Not gonna' lie, Tayah's mum is a bit scary, the chat is awkward, whether I've done enough I don't know, I'll just keep trying to prove myself all the way through."

Hmmm, we can't wait to see what's next for these two!

Married At First Sight UK continues weeknights on E4 at 9pm.

Featured Image Credit: E4

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