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MAFS Fans Call Out The 'Real' Reason Why Ant Is On The Show

MAFS Fans Call Out The 'Real' Reason Why Ant Is On The Show

And it’s not nice.

OMG the drama on our screens! Married At First Sight is kicking off as we reach the very final commitment ceremony.

While Ant rejoined the show, partnered with Alexis, people have questioned his real motives for coming back into the process.

Watch a clip of the row below.

Alexis noticed Ant’s slightly odd behaviour ahead of the third dinner party, when he said he was going to speak out about Luke and Morag’s relationship as he feels Morag isn’t treating Luke well enough.

However, Alexis was wondering why Ant wasn’t putting the same energy in trying to talk to her, as he was in trying to ‘expose’ Luke and Morag’s relationship.

Alexis didn't understand why Ant was so invested (
Channel 4)

Things came to a head at the dinner table, where a clearly unnerved Alexis quizzed Ant why he wanted be back on the show if he wasn’t interested in making things work with her.

And the heated scenes saw things get tense, with Alexis basically confirming they were going to leave the process and announcing: “If this was on the outside world, you’d be blocked and deleted, hun.”

And many believed Ant only came back on MAFS to stir up drama amongst the other couples.

Fans queried Ant's motives (
Channel 4)

“I’m confused why Ant is getting involved with Morag and Luke?” one person asked on Twitter.

“Ant! Stop wasting my sister’s time. You can vacate the show!” another person added.

 “Ant you’re such a hypocrite to say Morag is stringing Luke along? She didn’t come back into the show after leaving just to string someone else along did she?” a third person rightly chipped in, while a fourth said: “Ant really can’t chat.. you’re doing exactly the same thing as Morag.”

Yikes – things are getting hairy on Married At First Sight…

Married At First Sight continues Mondays to Thursdays at 9pm on E4.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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