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Emmys 2021: Kate Winslet Says Mare Of Easttown Is Helping To ‘Shift’ How Women Are Seen On Screen

Emmys 2021: Kate Winslet Says Mare Of Easttown Is Helping To ‘Shift’ How Women Are Seen On Screen

“Maybe we are shifting the dynamics of how leading ladies are seen on screen.”

The brilliant Mare of Easttown cleaned up at the 2021 Emmy’s – and rightly so, with Kate Winslet having won Outstanding Lead Actress for her mesmerising performance of the titular troubled detective.

The crime series, which aired on Sky earlier this year, won critical acclaim for its gritty and realistic portrayal of a woman trying to solve a child’s murder – with Winslet’s insistence that Mare should look like an ordinary woman in her forties than like a Hollywood movie star. In the show, Mare loves vaping and eating lots of rubbishy junk food as opposed to a lean-eating salad loving fitness machine.

Kate Winslet won Outstanding Performance in a Leading Role (
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And the 45-year-old believes that the popularity of Mare of Easttown has gone to show that we don’t necessarily need to see the typically ‘polished’ and ‘beautiful’ leading lady for a show to be a compelling and critically acclaimed watch.

 “It means a huge amount, because it makes me feel that our industry is changing,” Winslet told Deadline. “I’m honestly starting to feel that, that the shifts are happening. And I think we’re finger pointing a lot less at women in terms of how they look, their shape.

Kate Winslet was praised for playing Mare (

"We stopped scrutinizing them. In turn, what happens then, is that younger generations of women, who are not in our industry, start to feel OK within themselves too. And that’s more important than anything else.

“It’s up to us to be absolutely being real and representing ourselves with integrity and authenticity and celebrating each other and not judging one another. If we’re not doing that in our industry, then nobody else has a hope in hell.”

Winslet insisted in a 'realistic' portrayal of showing a woman in her 40s (

She added: “So, I feel like with playing Mare, maybe we are shifting the dynamics of how leading ladies are seen on screen and that just warms my heart.”

Winslet spoke openly about showing her real appearance on screen for the role - wanting to eschew heavy make-up and ultra supple skin to show what a woman in her forties actually looks like.

The star stood firm earlier this year over showing a 'bulgy bit of belly' in a sex scene when director Craig Zobel offered to cut it out.

Recalling the moment to the New York Times, Kate said she told the director: "Don't you dare."

"[My character is] a fully functioning, flawed woman with a body and a face which moves in a way that is a synonymous with her age," she explained. "I think we're starved of that a bit."

Kate Winslet is flawless no matter what role she’s in, but we salute her for keeping things real on screen. Fingers crossed we see more honest portrayals of women in the future.

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