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Fans Are Calling Netflix's Maid 'The Most Important Series In History'

Fans Are Calling Netflix's Maid 'The Most Important Series In History'

It tackles some hugely important issues.

There’s so many unmissable shows on Netflix right now that you really must watch, but perhaps the most powerful series is Maid.

The ten-part series, which stars Margaret Qualley, follows the story of Alex – who chooses to leave her emotionally abusive partner Sean and start a better life with her toddler daughter.

You can watch the trailer below.

However, this decision takes a lot of strength and certainly isn’t easy, as Alex faces pointless bureaucracy, a lack of cash or housing, and a toxic relationship with her mother.

She finds herself finding work as a cleaner, with the series documenting her struggle against her ex-partner and his coercive control over her.

Alex struggles in her journey (

But while it’s often a difficult and emotional watch, fans are praising Maid for having the chutzpah to bring to light these serious and real issues.

In a lengthy post on Facebook, one fan wrote: “Maid on Netflix... is possibly one of the most important series in history. Yep. I said it.

“Why is talking about domestic violence so important? It's important because even though women are the victims, domestic violence carries this terrible stigma even in 2021.


Alex wants a better life for her children (

“It's important because abusers are often publicly great guys. The victim’s family loves them and they will often defend the abuser, leaving the victim without a support system.

“The victim becomes the bad guy who wants to break up the family. This series is important because abusers themselves and many other people do not understand how terrorising verbal and mental abuse is- the constant promise of change, the apologies.”

She continued: “This series is important because women leaving an abusers often have children and no income outside of the abusers, leaving them isolated and financially bereft.

“They often feel powerless and without a voice after years of their self-esteem being chipped away at. The victim is an island. This series is important because it deals with the realistic nightmare challenges of navigating the social services system, subsidised daycare and housing.

“This series shows all of these things masterfully which makes it a real gem.”

Maid retells Stephanie's story (

Other fans have stressed just how important the series is.

“Just finished #MAIDNetflix and really enjoyed it,” another person wrote. “Made me really sad and cry but it's a really important show and great acting."

A second chipped in: “Maid on Netflix is so good, really shining a light on important topics like domestic abuse.”

“Maid on Netflix is heartbreaking and so hard to watch but so important and powerful,” said a third.

Maid is available to stream on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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