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MAFS UK Fans Spot Contestant Josh On Shipwrecked

MAFS UK Fans Spot Contestant Josh On Shipwrecked

Eagle-eyed fans on Twitter have spotted that Married At First Sight UK contestant Joshua Christie previously appeared on Shipwrecked.

Married At First Sight UK star Joshua Christie has been spotted by eagle-eyed fans on another reality TV show.

Christie, who married Amy Christophers at the start of the show, appeared as a contestant on Shipwrecked in 2019 - meaning this year's Channel 4 dating show is not the first crack he's had at reality TV.

Shipwrecked is another Channel 4 creation, and the 2019 iteration featured two teams competing with each other for new members, and the larger team eventually wins a cash prize of £50,000 at the end.

Christie joined the show as a Tiger, competing against the Sharks, but had to leave the show early after his grandad fell ill.

Joshua left the show early due to a family emergency. (

At the time, he told his fellow contestants: "Listen guys, I don't want anyone to get upset but I've got something to say. I've been in touch with family back home, I've been notified that I have a family emergency so this has caused me to leave with immediate effect from this competition."

He added that he hoped they would "understand" and was "happy for the time" he was given on the island, as he's "met a real good bunch of people".

Christie appeared alongside Chris Jammer, Brad Mattinson, Danielle Collins, and Troy Cook.

Josh, 26, works in insurance (

Fans on Twitter noticed the detail when watching the first episode of Married At First Sight UK, with one tweeting: "Oh my god, it's Josh from Shipwrecked!"

Another said, "Josh is my fav [sic]! Loved him on Shipwrecked too."

A third wrote: "For everyone wracking their brains, Josh was on Shipwrecked in 2019. Thank me later."

A fourth, who may not be a fan of Christie on Married At First Sight UK said: "Josh has come here for more clout because what is his agenda? He was previously on Shipwrecked and now here."

Amy is no stranger to the TV (
Channel 4)

In fact, this isn't Christie's second foray into reality TV but rather his third. He previously appeared as a guest on ITV2's Ibiza Weekender.

Though there's a long way to go for Christie and his bride Amy, he admitted last week that he questioned their compatibility after she said she was very "spiritual" and into astrology. However, on paper, the pair seem to be well-matched so fans will simply have to wait and see.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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