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Married At First Sight UK's Franky Spencer Says A Woman Swearing Is 'The Ugliest Thing'

Married At First Sight UK's Franky Spencer Says A Woman Swearing Is 'The Ugliest Thing'

Following an explosive dinner party in which MAFS UK contestant Nikita started yelling, Franky has said he doesn't like women who swear.

Tonight's episode of Married At First Sight UK brought all the drama, as fans witnessed the fallout of an explosive dinner party row between Nikita Jasmine and Jordon Mundell that has led to all the contestants chiming in about her behaviour.

While speaking to her husband Franky Spencer, Marilyse Corrigan commented: "Nikita was out of hand and quite abusive and not mature."

Franky agreed, chiming in to say: "A woman swearing like that is the ugliest thing. I don't like that."

Though Franky did not elaborate on his comments, it did suggest that he believed swearing to be an unattractive quality in a woman specifically.

And it's safe to say people weren't impressed.

"When it comes to swearing why does it matter what gender you are? #MAFSUK," one person wrote in response.

While another penned: "Do you know what I'm getting sick of the guys on #MarriedAtFirstSightuk #MAFSUK #MarriedAtFirstSight moaning about the women swearing it is 2021 we can swear if we want!

"How is it still OK for men to swear but now women? F*ck that!"

Nikita's attitude riled up viewers and fellow contestants (
Channel 4)

"A woman swearing like that". God forbid a woman would swear. Franky is full of [red flag emojis]," penned another.

It comes after fans were unimpressed by his previous behaviour towards his new wife after booking a paddle boarding session for the pair and 'forgetting' about her phobia of open water.

One fan wrote: "Franky makes me feel uncomfortable."

Another said, "What even is this man Franky. I am seeing so many red flags it’s scary. No wonder the producers didn’t spend too much money on him and he got the lakes!"

Fans will have to wait and see whether Marilyse and Franky stay together (
Channel 4)

His comments about swearing come after, Nikita started shouting at Jordon and escalating the situation by swearing at him.

Her behaviour wasn't taken well by many of the dinner party guests, who criticised her for being argumentative.

And later on in the series, her aggressive behaviour even led to her removal from the show - read more about that here.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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