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MAFS UK Fans Slam Channel 4 For Explosive Honeymoon Scenes

MAFS UK Fans Slam Channel 4 For Explosive Honeymoon Scenes

This is totally not on.

Married At First Sight UK has aired the honeymoons of the first four couples and it's safe to say that love is definitely not in the air for some...

In particular, Nikita and Ant had some explosive scenes with multiple arguments on their honeymoon.

Nikita and Ant had numerous arguments on their honeymoon (
Channel 4)

One specific fight had them try to talk out their grievances after arguing on the beach earlier in the day. However, the conversation soon turned aggressive and the two started fighting once more.

Instead of lapping up the drama though, many fans were very uncomfortable with the scenes that were aired and believed that there was a double standard.

Nikita threw a coffee cup at Ant while they were fighting (
Channel 4)

Nikita got physical at one point and threw a coffee cup at Ant in rage. And viewers have said that if Ant had instead thrown it at her, there would be "uproar".

One fan expressed their disappointment: "Nikita on Married at First Sight UK is showing us what female perpetrated domestic abuse looks like. This is not entertainment".

Viewers claimed that things would have been seen very differently if Ant had done what Nikita did (
Channel 4)

One fan simply stated that this should result in Nikita needing to be removed: "We are not going to make excuses for Nikita. Im so sorry we finna hold her accountable. This attitude is leading to physical violence. She even threw a lil tissue or whatever in the dispute. Nope She needs to be Removed. #mafs #mafsuk #marriedatfirstsight".

Others agreed with one viewer who tweeted: "Nikita throwing a cup at Ant,in a fit of anger, this is there production should have stopped instantly #MAFSUK #MarriedAtFirstSightuk".

The fight came after an argument earlier in the day (
Channel 4)

The experts claimed in the show that Nikita was more "open" than Ant during the episode and that seeing Nikita's openness could be good for communicating his own emotions. However, viewers weren't convinced.

One tweeter wrote: "sorry but expressing emotion and expressing emotion in a healthy and reasonable way are two different things, Nikita doesn’t express herself in a healthy manner, that’s not helpful to Ant imo #MAFSUK".

Nikita and Ant later had a heart-to-heart and opened up (
Channel 4)

Nikita and Ant did have a much calmer conversation later where both were vulnerable with each other, but this might not be enough for viewers to look past the way she acted when she was angry.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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