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MAFS UK Fans In Hysterics At Contestants Unusual One-Liner

MAFS UK Fans In Hysterics At Contestants Unusual One-Liner

Sorry, what did they just say?

Married At First Sight UK has set up two new couples in another series of weddings. Most of them were obviously very nervous but don't worry about Franky!

When he arrived at the venue, he reassured viewers that the military had "prepared" him for this union with Marilyse.

Come again?

You can watch Franky talk about his military background here:

Franky pulling up to wed his mystery bride and pulling out this one-liner that this would be akin to his time in the military might not be what every new wife would want to know.

MAFS UK fans were confused by this comment.

One Twitter user pointed out the odd comparison: "Military service = preparing folk to marry strangers #MAFSUK".

Franky pulled up to the wedding and pulled out this one-liner (
Channel 4)

Another expressed their confusion at the one-liner: "Mt Military background has prepared him for marrying someone you don't know. How's that?"

But they weren't as confused as this viewer it seemed who simply tweeted: "Military background??? It’s a wedding????? #MAFSUK".

Wonder if Marilyse felt she was going into battle too?

Marilyse described Franky as a James BOnd (
Channel 4)

Franky, 47, works as a strength and conditioning coach in Dubai. Franky is proudly old school. He's a military man, which means he's used to being a dominant leader, and has no problem telling people exactly what he thinks.

Having fought for his country for 15 years and lived as an expat for 15 years in Dubai, Franky wants to find his soulmate who’ll be happy to join him overseas when the experiment is over.

The biggest clincher is that his match shares his morals and beliefs, and has the same desires for their relationship. Will Marilyse be a good match for him?

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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