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MAFS UK Fans Beg Contestant Franky To Stop 'Awkward' Wedding Speech

MAFS UK Fans Beg Contestant Franky To Stop 'Awkward' Wedding Speech

We were cringing so hard.

Married At First Sight UK saw singletons Franky and Marilyse tie the knot and take a leap of faith in finding their happily ever after.

Things were looking quite good for the pair who seemed to have an instant connection and attraction. But Franky's wedding speech might have given her the ick...

Marilyse didn't seem overcome by the speech (
Channel 4)

MAFS UK fans could barely watch as he explained how he was expecting his new wife to cook him breakfast everyday on honeymoon (he noted he likes his eggs runny!) and also expected her to never let him get a word in during their marriage after his speech.

One viewer tweeted: "Franky's speech made time stop it was so hideously awkward #MAFSUK".

Another summed it up neatly: "Well Frankie's speech was a car crash".

Someone else had found new levels of cringing while watching: "I’ve never cringed so much at TV as I have at Frankie’s speech #MAFSUK".

Franky was met with a lot of silence with his speech (
Channel 4)

Others felt it was a red flag for Marilyse.

One person said: "The beginning of Frankie’s speech threw me off. He started showing his true colours #MAFSUK".

Someone else passionately tweeted: "what a disgusting man. Misogynistic pig. If I was her I would tell him to shove that sexist speech up his ARSE and leave #MAFSUK".

Was Marilyse cringing as hard as fans were at Franky's speech? (
Channel 4)

Another fan is now actually seeking medical help after the speech: "Just gave my self a hernia cringing, where can I send the medical bills? Don’t have to use private healthcare but someone needs to pay for that speech. #MAFSUK".

One viewer also referred to Franky later being slightly taken aback that he would have to sleep on the sofa on his wedding night: "After that god awful speech the sofa is the least he deserves #MAFSUK".

Hmmm, might need to fix up on your chat Franky. That's if you get a word in with your wife, apparently.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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