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MAFS UK Fans Baffled As Contestant Morag Reveals Biggest 'Turn Off'

MAFS UK Fans Baffled As Contestant Morag Reveals Biggest 'Turn Off'

Wait, is she for real?

The honeymoons have started on Married At First Sight UK and Luke and Morag have jetted off to Switzerland for their getaway.

It hasn't been the best start to their marriage so far. And Morag has revealed what is turning her off of Luke...

Morag revealed what was her turn-off when it came to Luke (

It figures that Morag is not into Luke's wardrobe!

That's right, while Morag has been waiting for that spark, the flame has not been fanned with her now being turned off by his wardrobe.

But MAFS UK fans are coming to Luke's defense.

Morag is not impressed AT ALL with Luke's wardrobe (
Channel 4)

One person on Twitter sided with the groom, saying: "Morag needs to chill, you can upgrade his wardrobe, it’s what’s inside that counts. He seems like a good guy #MAFSUK".

Another tweeter wrote: "There is wrong with his wardrobe Morag. There's nowt wrong! #MAFSUK".

A lot of people just couldn't believe that Morag was admitting to this with one viewer tweeting: "Not Morag getting the Ick over his wardrobe #MAFSUK".

Another thought it reflected badly on her saying: "I know morag did not just say that Luke’s wardrobe is turning her off, she’s so rude wth #MAFSUK".

Fans are coming to Luke's defense over Morag's wardrobe comment (
Channel 4)

Can Morag learn to love his wardrobe? Or will she have to update some of his looks in order to go through with his marriage?

We don't mind your gilet Luke but maybe worth mixing things up if you want to keep Morag around.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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