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Married At First Sight UK Fans Aren't Impressed With Franky Spencer's Comments To Marylise Corrigan

Married At First Sight UK Fans Aren't Impressed With Franky Spencer's Comments To Marylise Corrigan

Wait, what did he just say?

The couples reunited for their second dinner party on Married At First Sight UK last night, and while the first get-together seemed like it couldn't get any more explosive, Tuesday's soirée still delivered plenty of drama.

One such moment was a conversation between Franky Spencer and Marilyse Corrigan, which left some viewers were unimpressed.

This was the cast's second dinner party of the series (
Channel 4)

When sat at the table, the newlyweds started having a more private conversation between just the two of them. Marilyse then mentioned an insecurity she had, telling him she had a "bug eye".

In response, fitness coach Franky replied that she had "0.1 per cent of a lazy eye" - adding that he actually found it attractive.

Some viewers were left baffled by the comment, with one tweeting: "A lazy eye???? Franky what is wrong with you #MAFSUK".

Franky made a bizarre comment that worried some viewers (
Channel 4)

One fan accused the contestant of "planting insecurities into Marilyse's head."

Others weren't impressed by the experts' reactions either, after they appeared to laugh at the interaction.


Fans were shocked at Franky's comment (

However, others wanted to give Franky the benefit of the doubt.

One person tweeted about how it was a compliment, even if it didn't quite land: "was a compliment, as far as he was concerned, he likes her lazy eye it's another thing he likes about her, makes her different? He also pointed out nobody else would notice. I can see what he was aiming at."

Someone else put it down to some simply bad chat: "Wtf Frankie! Telling her she has a lazy eye?! Bad flirting skills".

Some people thought it was a badly aimed compliment (
Channel 4)

This isn't the first time that MAFS UK fans have called out Franky's behaviour.

As they sat down to chat at last week's commitment ceremony, the experts quickly honed in on one of the couple's biggest challenges - the fact that Franky currently lives in Dubai, while Marilyse is from a small town in West Yorkshire.

Franky and Marilyse live on different sides of the world (
Channel 4)

Speaking about the fact that he may have to move back to the UK, Franky said: "It's not a distance thing, it's a giving up what I have built as a freelance guy, and I've built a lot in Dubai.

"But I'm a guy with big balls, and if I have to start that business all over again in not a cool place. And that's no disrespect to her small town."

The rest of the couples - and some viewers at home - were shocked by the comment. One person said: "Franky calling Beverley a 'boring little town'!?! This man is clueless. Get rid Marylise, nobody needs that misguided negativity in their life. Best town in the world."

Marilyse and Franky discussed their relationship at last week's commitment ceremony (
Channel 4)

Despite this, the couple maintained that everything had been 'a dream' since they first tied the knot, explaining they hadn't even had a single bicker.

Franky is yet to publicly speak out on viewers' comments on his behaviour.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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