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MAFS's Amy Reveals Exactly What She Told Experts Off Air When Describing Her Type

MAFS's Amy Reveals Exactly What She Told Experts Off Air When Describing Her Type

Married At First Sight UK's Amy Christophers has revealed what she told experts about her type before appearing on the show.

Amy Christophers, who appears on Married At First Sight UK alongside new husband Josh Christie, has revealed what exactly she said her type was when speaking to experts prior to the show.

During an Instagram Q&A, where fans asked her questions about her time on the show.

She said, "When I went into the process, I actually said that I don't want someone who's spiritual."

"I just mentioned that I was spiritual, that it was quite a private personal thing for me to be doing my rituals and routines and crystals but I didn't want them to be into it."

"It got made into a major issue though obviously because Josh was't into it. I don't really talk about that side of my life – until now," Christophers added.

This came after Christie admitted that he questioned their compatibility due to Christophers' 'spirituality'.

When they first met, it seemed like they were incredibly compatible with each other but Josh said he was "not into the whole spiritual thing" and said he didn't know "if there's a spark" between the couple.

Amy and Josh are together on the programme - but it's not easy (
Channel 4)

It seemed as if Christophers also wasn't sure of her groom's age, as she said: "28 is probably the youngest I'd go," when he is in fact 26.

During their honeymoon, Christophers told him: "I just think we're very different people Josh."

The pair have had a rocky journey on the show, sparking rumours that they are no longer together as Christophers' was recently spotted at the National Television Awards (NTAs) alone.

Amy is married to Josh Christie. (

However, Christophers did claim to her followers that the show is heavily edited, and a lot of the positive interactions between herself and Josh have not been shown on camera.

Though there are some who believe that the couple will make it, others are not as convinced, with fans suggesting that they "do not get" the match.

Married At First Sight continues Mondays to Thursdays at 9pm on E4.

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