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Love Island Fans Spot Teddy Soares Kissing Clarisse Juliette In Unaired Scene

Love Island Fans Spot Teddy Soares Kissing Clarisse Juliette In Unaired Scene

Unaired Love Island scenes appear to show Teddy Soares and Clarisse Juliette locking lips in the Casa Amor pool.

Love Island's Casa Amor has caused many of us to absolutely lose our faith in men. A teaser for tonight's show promised several of the boys would cheating on their prospective partners back in the main villa, including Liam Reardon, Toby Aromolaran and Tyler Cruickshank.

While Teddy Soares told the boys he wasn't interested in anybody except Faye Winter, fans have now come across a picture of him kissing new bombshell Clarisse Juliette in the swimming pool.

And naturally, they've got some questions.

The image, which was a promotional shot from Wednesday's show, showed Clarisse grabbing Teddy with both hands and planting a smacker on him.

This picture of Teddy and Clarisse has left fans shook (

Of course, as it started to do the rounds on social media, people lost their marbles.

"When did Clarisse and Teddy kiss in the pool? Maybe God gave Faye a sign #LoveIsland," one person wrote, sharing the snap on social media.

While another penned: "Hollup! That’s teddy kissing clarisse in the pool. Is that a challenge too?"

"Guys!!! Just seeing this going around!!! Is this Teddy & Clarissa??? What is this & when was this!!! What did we miss!!! We need answers Mr @LoveIsland," a third noted, referencing the image in question.

While it sure does look incriminating, the picture was actually from during the Raunchy Race challenge - it was just a moment that didn't make the edit.

Yep, producers actually asked the islanders to do a whole lot more snogging than we actually saw on camera, and one of the challenges involved locking lips in the pool.

Just to prove it, here's a pic of Faye snogging one of the new boys in the swimming pool, too:

The main villa were also tasked to kiss in the pool (

Teddy has been heaped with support after last night' show, when the girls received a postcard which showed him kissing Clarisse during a game of truth or dare.

While it wasn't an official villa challenge, it was only a game, and he made clear to the girls that his heart was with Faye, sleeping on the day-bed outside every night with Jake Cornish.

Naturally, Faye only saw the bad side of it, though, resolving to "move mad" and crack on with the new boys after what she saw as a "betrayal".

Anyone else want #JusticeforTeddy right now?

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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