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Love Island's Jake Cornish Tells Liberty Poole He's 'Too Busy' For Relationship

Love Island's Jake Cornish Tells Liberty Poole He's 'Too Busy' For Relationship

The reality stars met up during the ITV reunion for a post show debrief - but it seemed they really were over for good.

Love Island fans were left cringing on Sunday night as they watched Jake Cornish and Liberty Poole meet up for the first time since leaving Mallorca, during the reunion episode.

When asked why he hadn't been in contact with his ex since they landed back on English soil, Jake's answer was deemed rather unsatisfactory by many.

Jake, 24, grimaced and told Liberty, 21: "I FaceTimed you a couple of times..."

Before Liberty interrupted: "[It was] once... Yeah it was once. "

Watch a clip below:

"It’s hard obviously I still have feelings for you. I just feel like at the time it wasn't working and I just feel there hasn’t been an effort to make it work properly," she went on.

"Even if we had been together it wouldn’t have worked, I am so busy," Jake replied.

"Kaz and Tyler and everyone else is really busy and they still make time for each other," Lib challenged him.

But Liberty continued to be the bigger person, despite her obvious frustration at his attitude.

Grinning and bearing their painful encounter, Liberty told her ex boyfriend that she wished "the best" for him, adding that they "weren't meant to be".

Jake and Liberty had an awkward conversation (

Reacting to the pair's interaction, some fans were not best pleased.

"Wow Jake!!!!!! WOW!!! He said he is too busy?! This guy is an absolute douchebag! Liberty definitely missed a bullet #LoveIsland," one wrote.

Meanwhile, another penned: "Naaa Jake has no manners LOL, “I’m too busy” doing what exactly? #loveisland".

"How is Jake saying even if they stayed together, it wouldn’t work because he’s too busy… then why go on love island? #loveisland," someone else questioned.

Liberty told Jake she wished him the best (

Liberty and Jake had a strong start on the ITV dating show, sticking together from the offset and then becoming boyfriend and girlfriend as the series went on.

But things begun to crumble towards the end of the season, as Lib (and the rest of the islanders) begun to doubt Jake's intentions, resulting in their ultimate decision to call it quits.

Love Island: The Reunion is available to stream now on ITV Hub.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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