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Love Island Fans Spot Clue Proving Hugo Has Been Plotting For Chloe All Along

Love Island Fans Spot Clue Proving Hugo Has Been Plotting For Chloe All Along

No more Mr. Nice Guy.

Love Island really stepped up a gear in Thursday night’s episode, after Hugo Hammond seemingly ditched his ‘nice boy’ persona to save Chloe Burrows in a spectacular recoupling.

When Toby Aromolaran revealed his intentions to get to know new girl Abigail Rawlings, Hugo decided to swoop in and recouple with Chloe, calling her “beautiful” and saying she’d been treated really poorly in the villa.

And you can imagine how that went down with a furious Toby...

Now, looking back, some savvy fans believe that Hugo, who was previously in a friendship couple with Chloe earlier this season, has had eyes for the 25-year-old marketing executive all along.

You can watch the evidence below.

Taking to Twitter, one eagle-eyed fan going by the handle @SteveySho noticed that Hugo was gently massaging Chloe’s back and bottom when he comforted her over the situation with Toby.

And others now think that this has been his grand plan since Chloe first came into the villa.

Hugo has been PLOTTING this from day one,” one fan tweeted. “Dragging Toby publicly then taking Chloe after? I might have to stan.”

Hugo moving mad proved popular (

Another agreed: “The islanders gasped at Hugo’s speech like they’re in his class and he’s just said a swear word by accident.”

Meanwhile a third said: “Hugo playing Captain save-a-Chloe was a tactical move, he's been PLOTTING on this moment. This man has had a strategy the entire time.”

Many believe Hugo had always fancied Chloe (

A fourth added: “Nah Hugo’s been waiting for this because he’s wanted Chloe since the beginning,” while a fifth agreed: “Hugo needs to self isolate in the hideaway because he is not ok. My man turned heel like it’s WWE.”

Even poor Georgia Townend, who was dumped from the villa after just one day, believes Hugo may have feelings for Chloe.

Speaking upon exiting Love Island, she explained: "I think we would have been a good match; he was really eloquent, polite.

"I’m not sure why there wasn’t a spark. I think he holds a candle for Lucinda and Chloe…"

There were some people less happy at Hugo’s actions, with many saying he didn’t have this energy for Kaz Kamwi when Toby left her in this exact situation for Chloe.

Hugo left the islanders and viewers stunned with his speech (

Toby and Chloe were snogging in her face and Hugo was encouraging Toby ‘to do what's best for him,’” one person rightfully pointed out. “But now Chloe is receiving her karma and Hugo wants to burn down the villa.”

However, there is something we can all agree on – that was some of the best television we’ve seen all year.

I genuinely think that was the best episode of Love Island I’ve ever watched,” one person wrote. “Well done producers!”

Looks like we’ll be watching the aftermath tonight….

Love Island continues weekdays and Sundays at 9pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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