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Love Island Praise Hugo For Delivering 'Funniest Line Of The Season' After Lucinda Swerves Aaron

Love Island Praise Hugo For Delivering 'Funniest Line Of The Season' After Lucinda Swerves Aaron

Hugo Hammond had everyone in stitches as he rinsed Aaron for being rejected by Lucinda.

Love Island is getting juicy now - and when we say juicy, we particularly mean the scenes featuring two grown men fighting like school children over Lucinda Strafford.

In Sunday night's episode, we saw Aaron Francis trying to solidify his relationship with Lucinda Strafford after Danny Bibby chose to recouple with her.

And he wasted no time in attempting to mark his territory, even leaning in for a kiss as the pair had a chat on the beanbags, which - awkwardly - Lucida swerved.

But the best moment of the series came when Hugo Hammond got involved with all the drama, teasing Aaron by running over and asking: "Did I just see you get swerved?"

Watch a clip below:

As Aaron admitted that Lucinda had indeed rejected him, because they were under Danny's watchful eye, Teddy Soares asked how close they got to an actual kiss.

"Man left his bean bag bruv," Hugo declared at the top of his voice, offering what many are calling the best line of the series so far.

The boys then all collapsed in stitches.

Hugo mocked Aaron for getting pied (

"'Man left his beanbag bruv' - Hugo...funniest line this season @LoveIsland #LoveIslandUK," said one person after watching Hugo's friendly mocking.

Meanwhile, another joked: "@Primark design team off to make “man left his beanbag bruv” t shirts as we speak #LoveIsland".

"That's surely got to be the line of @LoveIsland so far. 'Man left his beanbag bruv'," said another.


Lucinda leant away as Aaron leaned in for the kiss (

After Aaron's ballsy move, new boy Danny wasn't too happy, pulling him for a chat and questioning why he moved in on Lucinda so quickly.

Lucinda went on to tell everyone in the villa about Aaron's antics, but conveniently missed out the part where she'd been flirting with him, too.

Taking to social media as the scenes went down, former Love Island winner Amber Gill wrote: "Aaron is a good person for not telling Danny what Lucinda said because I would have".

And others agreed.

"OMGGGG Lucinda told Aaron she’d rather be coupled up with him," said one. "And now she’s telling Danny he tried to kiss her as if she told Aaron she’s not feeling him. Miss Lucinda is playing a GAME. This is why she left Danny when he called Aaron for a chat. She wants no smoke. #LoveIsland".

As another wrote: "Two boys fighting over Lucinda… this is what she’s been waiting for since she got there #LoveIsland".

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