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Love Island Fans Want Kaz Kamwi To Win After This Genius Move With Tyler Cruickshank

Love Island Fans Want Kaz Kamwi To Win After This Genius Move With Tyler Cruickshank

The Love Island favourite expertly initiated a kiss with new boy Tyler in Thursday night's show.

Love Island fans absolutely lost their minds last night as Kaz Kamwi finally got her man - and boy did she go about it in a smooth way.

The TV star, 26, hasn't had an easy ride in the villa, after being ditched by Toby Aromolaran earlier on in the season.

But her fortunes have well and truly changed, after new boy Tyler Cruickshank strolled in and swept her off her feet.

In last night's show, Kaz and Tyler went for a private chat on the terrace (aka, the place where everyone goes when PDA is on the cards).

And sure enough, that's what happened, all thanks to an earring which Kaz managed to get intertwined in her hair.

Watch a clip of the chemistry-packed moment below:

This is either the luckiest jewellery mishap ever, or Kaz is a genius!

Reacting to the romantic moment, fans had a lot to say.

"These boys could seriously take a lesson in game from Kaz... untangle my earrings #LoveIsland," one fan wrote.

While another penned: "Kaz using her complicated earrings as an excuse for Tyler to get close to her…she’s a genius your honour #LoveIsland".

A third joked: "All the girlies running off to get some earrings like what Kaz had on to pull the same move on the boys this weekend #LoveIsland".

Kaz and Tyler made eye contact as he detangled the earring (

"Calling it now. Tyler and Kaz for the win. The way she was looking at him while he fixed her earring was romcom levels of adorable. #loveisland" wrote a fourth.

We have no choice but to stan.

Ahead of their kiss, Kaz and Tyler talked about their intentions with each other, and Tyler reassured Kaz on where he stood.

"One thing about me, I'm so genuine. I wear my heart on my sleeve," Tyler said.

The duo went on to share a kiss (

"Worst case scenario, if there was someone in here, I would tell you, before I even made a move."

Kaz responded: "I appreciate you telling me. That makes me happy. I like that, I need that."

Anyone else seriously shipping these two right now?!

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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