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Love Island Fans Fuming Over Edited Missing Detail In Kaz And Jake's Snog

Love Island Fans Fuming Over Edited Missing Detail In Kaz And Jake's Snog

Not gonna' lie, we were very confused.

We were expecting fireworks in last night's Love Island, after a teaser of the episode appeared to show Liberty looking mega peeved during a game of snog, marry, pie.

A preview of Monday night's episode showed snippets of the game, in which each islander has to choose three people to either snog, marry or pie.

You can watch the video below:

And in one sneak peek, Liberty looks fuming, with her hand up to her face, after Jake decides to snog her BFF Kaz. So naturally, when viewers tuned into the show on Monday, they were expecting some of explosive consequences from Jake's decision.

But they were left disappointed when the snippet from the preview was completely missing from the actual episode. Turns out, Liberty seemed pretty fine with the kiss. She laughed it off and didn't seem bothered at all.

Liberty looked fuming in the preview (

Of course, Jake did choose to marry Liberty, so we can kind of see his logic. And we were feeling for AJ, who received a pie based on the fact Jake didn't know her as well as the others.

But viewers were fuming, with one tweeting: "The editing team on Love Island need a raise because the way they made the Kaz snog on Jake seem mad deep, just for the episode to be this mellow."

While another said: "The snog from Jake to Kaz was definitely built up last night for nothing then!"


It was a rather dramatic game of snog, marry, pie. In the challenge, Danny chose to (literally) pie Lucinda, snog AJ and marry Millie.

But it kind of backfired. Shortly after, Aaron chose to snog Lucinda, and when it was Lucinda's turn, she said she "wasn't a petty person" and chose to snog Aaron, explaining the first kiss was "so good she was going back for seconds".

And it looks like the pair have finally hit it off, after they shared a third kiss later in the evening by the firepit.

Lucinda snogged Aaron in the game (

We're rooting for these two!

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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