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People Are Calling Out The Flaws In Hugo’s Logic After His Love Island Recoupling Speech

People Are Calling Out The Flaws In Hugo’s Logic After His Love Island Recoupling Speech

Hugo Hammond went all guns blazing for Toby Aromolaran in last night's Love Island.

Love Island finally got juicy last night, as a recoupling following the arrival of three hot newbies almost left Chloe Burrows packing her bags.

It was a close call, but out of nowhere swept Hugo Hammond, who ditched Georgia Townend - the very same islander who seemed perfect for him - in order to save Chloe from getting the chop.

And in the process, he gave a scathing recoupling speech gunning for Toby Aromolaran, who had picked Abigail Rawlings over his former flame.

The speech divided opinion, with some hailing it brave, while others had a different perspective.

They thought that Hugo was being a hypocrite for calling out Toby, since he encouraged him to do the very same and ditch Kaz Kamwi just weeks earlier.

"I’m still thinking about Hugo’s speech sorry and whats really mad is that he was actively encouraging Toby to dash Kaz for Chloe with zero regard for Kaz but now history’s repeated itself suddenly he’s doing up feminist #LoveIsland," wrote Twitter user @jasebyjason.

And many agreed.

"Double standards everyone is feeling sorry for Chloe and playing the victim. Nobody had Kaz’s back this much, when Toby screwed her over. Where was Hugo’s speech then!," someone else penned.

Hugo picked Chloe in the recoupling (

As a fellow viewer said: "Can I ask a quick question!! Where was "Captain save a h*e (Hugo) when Kaz was getting disrespected? #LoveIsland".

"Nah I don't like hugo," said a fourth. "Cause where was this energy from Hugo when Toby treated kaz like sh*t.

"If my memory serves me correct. He encouraged Toby to go after Chloe."

Some people questioned this view, though.

"Big different situations. Toby clearly didn't want Kaz from early on but was too much of a melt to say it. Been with Chloe for a while now. 24 hours and he's out. Big difference," one person wrote.

Toby did not look happy last night (

As another agreed: "Toby is the problem here, not Hugo calling him out. Toby didn’t even tell chloe he was ending it until the recoupling, but he told Abbie before.

"Toby needs to grow up he’s got no regard to others feelings. Never been a fan of chloe and I love Kaz but Toby needs to go!".

All we know is tonight's episode is sure gonna be juicy!

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