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Love Island Fans Are Cringing After Spotting Chloe Swerving Hugo's 'Kiss'

Love Island Fans Are Cringing After Spotting Chloe Swerving Hugo's 'Kiss'

Love Island fans noticed Hugo Hammond leaning in before Chloe Burrows opted for a hug in last night's elimination.

Love Island fans were left in stitches during last night's show as they spotted Hugo Hammond appear to go in for a kiss with Chloe Burrows when they were saved from elimination.

Chloe didn't reciprocate, instead going straight for a hug after being saved from the public.

But many people claim to have seen Hugo puckering up, and instead awkwardly planting the kiss on the side of Chloe's head as she embraced him.

We honestly can't watch...

Here's the clip if you can, below:

Fans were quick to notice Chloe's cheeky head swivel, with one writing: "SORRY DID NO ONE SEE HOW HUGO WENT TO KISS CHLOE AND GOT SWERVED #Chloe and Hugo #LoveIsland".

"NOT HUGO GOING IN FOR A KISS ON THE LIPS #LoveIsland," said another.

A third wrote: "Damn Hugo really tried to kiss Chloe back then #LoveIsland".

Let's take a look at that moment in pictures, shall we?...

Ouch (

The cringe-fest came just before the exit of Aaron Francis and Lucinda Stafford, and inspired by the emotional departure of his BFF, moments later Hugo decided to heed his encouraging words and tell Chloe how he felt.

Pulling her for a chat, he said: "I've just got to double check, obviously I know what your type is but as we know this place moves mad.

"And these conversations eventually happen, may as well do it sooner - save everyone the hassle."

Nervously smiling, Chloe was quick to dash poor Hugo's hopes - though she did it in the kindest way.

"I just think what we've been through and, like, where I'm at, I just feel like for me it wouldn't be romantic because of like, how close we are," she said.

Taking her lead, a dejected Hugo responded: "It's not worth the risk, and if it hasn't happened by now it's probably not going to happen, is it?"

Hugo's chat with Chloe didn't go as planned (

"Yeah, I think if it was going to happen, it would've happened naturally," Chloe replied.

While romance with Chloe might be off the cards, it's not all over for the two villa singletons, as Casa Amor is returning in Monday's show, and there are twelve new islanders (six male and six female) for each of them to size up and get to know.

Here's hoping they both find somebody nice during their experience, and one of them isn't left standing alone at the end...

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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