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Love Island Fans Convinced Hugo Will Cause Mass Heartbreak In Casa Amor

Love Island Fans Convinced Hugo Will Cause Mass Heartbreak In Casa Amor

Viewers have made some predictions about what will happen back in the villa.

Monday night's installment of Love Island saw the boys whisked off to Casa Amor where they were joined by six new girls. And let's just say there's been drama already.

The new 'bombshells' have certainly turned some heads, and while debriefing in the bedroom after their arrival, PE teacher Hugo Hammond - who is yet to find love in the villa - could be seen quizzing the boys on their agendas.

You can watch a clip below:

In the clip, Hugo can be seen asking the boys whether they will share a bed with one of the other girls and whether they'd ask to share a bed, or wait for one of the girls to ask instead.

Liam and Teddy both said they would sleep on the daybed, while Toby and Tyler said they'd stay in the bedroom.

It is this moment fans are saying will lead to heartbreak once the boys return to the villa, with viewers taking to Twitter to predict Hugo will 'snitch' on the other boys.

Former islander Amber Gill tweeted: "Hugo is going to snitch on all the boys and I can't wait."

While another said: "Anyone else reckon Hugo is going to grass on all the lads when they get back?!"

And a third added: "Hugo is gonna snitch on Liam as soon as he gets the chance."

The boys could be seen having a debrief in the bedroom (

"Hugo isn’t the snitch we want, but the snitch we need," wrote a fourth.

"You better snitch Hugo. I want you to go back and tell every girl every detail," added another.

And if Hugo does decide to 'snitch' it seems like he'll certainly have plenty of material. On just the first night, the boys decided to play a very steamy game of truth or dare, which ended with the likes of Teddy and Liam kissing the girls they fancy the most, three-way kisses and sucking of toes.

Back at the villa, the OG girls also welcomed six new islanders, but things were a lot more PG around the fire pit, after they decided to play a chilled game of Never Have I Ever.

They played a game of truth or dare (

We can't wait to see what happens next! Love Island continues weekdays at 9pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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