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Love Island Fans Spot Faye's 'Secret Tactic' To Make Sure No One Steals Teddy

Love Island Fans Spot Faye's 'Secret Tactic' To Make Sure No One Steals Teddy

Love Island's Faye is using a special 'tactic' to keep Teddy, claim fans.

Love Island fans have worked out Faye Winter's "special tactic" to ensure that none of the new girls swoop in on her man, Teddy Soares.

The lettings manager, 26, has finally found the man of her dreams in the Mallorca villa, and viewers at home think she's got a plan to keep him.

Who can blame her, tbh?!

After new girls Georgia Townend and Abigail Rawlings joined the ITV show during Wednesday night's show, many people spotted how quickly Faye got chummy with them.

In fact, Georgia even got in bed with Faye for a hug during her first morning in the villa.

Faye was first up to greet the girls (

The same can be said for her strong relationship with Lucinda Strafford and Millie Court, who are relatively new to the villa.

Taking to social media claiming to have sussed Faye out, one fan wrote: "Faye always hugs up the new girls to create bonds so they won’t go for Teddy."

As another penned: "Faye is moving abit sus with this new girl".

A third chipped in: "Why does Faye always bum lick the new girls , she’s all over them , it feels so fake #LoveIsland".

Faye is close with newbie Lucinda now, too (

As a fourth concurred: "Faye defo befriends the new girls as a strategy to keep them away from Teddy and I love the initiative tbh #LoveIsland".

Faye and Teddy have been subject to the twists and turns of Love Island recently, when Teddy was one of the least favourite boys, and found himself at risk of leaving the villa.

Luckily, he remained on the show, with AJ Bunker and Danny Bibby sent packing instead, and they are both still a happy couple to this day.

The newbies have entered the villa (

It looks like Faye doesn't need to worry, either, as so far Abigail has her eyes firmly on Toby Aromolaran, while Georgia has made her interest in Hugo Hammond very clear.

Is Faye playing tactically, or is she just a girls' girl? We guess time will tell...

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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